Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clarifying 2012 in giveways and reviews...

Miss Syd drawing YOUR name out of the bucket!

A few people have asked lately about my blog and how it has grown, the advertising, the giveaway and review opportunities.  And I wanted to clarify that I do get a few random opportunities every once in awhile, but most of the time if I see something I like in life or am interested in, I think...hmmm, let's see if they would work with me.  I email them.  Like the Bialetti company for my espresso maker.  From there, I find out if they are interested in my blog and go from there.  I like to stay true to the content of my blog, something that many bloggers suggest  (thanks Shell).  I find that reviews and giveaways require a deadline and become stressful for me.  So I don't seek them out too often.  But when something comes along that fits my life , or looks like an opportunity that I could help get the word out on a product that our family really values then I get excited and go for it. 

The last few giveaways I have had there have been less than 10 people that put their name in the hat to win.  And that is so funny to me.  Because hello, MOM!  You could totally win.  Ed makes sure I do the giveaway fair and square.  My friend Jessie has been waiting to win forever.  So, what I am asking is...take a second and enter the freakin' giveaway.  You can always give the item to a friend.  But if I have better engagement in the giveaways then better opportunities will come my/your way. 

Why am I posting this.  I have a really fun opportunity coming up this week and it was just done here.  Now this is a bigger blog.  And I am getting to do the same review and giveaway.  HOW COOL IS THAT!?  She had close to 100 people enter to win.  So if only 10 of you enter, well that's fine.  Jessie might get to win then :)  But I know there are more of you that could love up this next opportunity.  All I am saying, is you could TOTALLY win on my blog because I am small in the world of giveaways and review opportunities.  So give it a try.

And I only take on things that truly interest me, my lifestyle, my kids, and you! 

Stay tuned! 

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Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

i'm here to reiterate your thoughts, Sarah. i blog myself a little and follow a bunch of blogs religiously. i don't consider myself lucky, but i have won 3 times! once on THIS blog. sooooo, it's totally worth participating!!


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