Friday, January 13, 2012

Toy Review: Blok Squad Building Kits

Around the holidays I was given the opportunity to review a Blok Squad building kit by Mega Bloks. I chose the construction site kit because it looked like a lot of fun, had multiple vehicles, and was something different. 

So one day when things were in a lull I pulled it out and shared with the boys why they were going to get to build this cool set. Ed kinda rolled his eyes because he heard me saying, "You know when mama is on the computer and she says she is "doing work...well I am." Haha! I thought I would take advantage so they understood that sometimes what I am doing here could be considered "work."

I as pretty impressed with the Mega Squad building experience. Henry took on the task of assembling the guys and the trailer. Charley went to work on one of the trucks. It took a little over 45 minutes to assemble their first tasks. A day or two later each boy worked on a second vehicle.

The blocks don't snap together AS easily as Legos. BUT, I LOVED how in the instruction booklet it lists the pieces that you need for assembling each step. And I don't find that in all the Lego building kit experiences. I also liked how they color coated the areas where pieces were supposed to snap together. This is not the case in Lego building instruction booklets and I found it very useful. Especially with Henry.

The vehicles were REALLY sturdy once they were assembled. They came with a lot of extra little pieces that were supposed to be rocks or building supplies which I thought were a little unnecessary. But I never complain about extra pieces.

The price for a Mega Blok Squad Construction building kit runs about $19.99 which I think is an incredible price compared to other building kit brands. These blocks have been mixed in and actually snap into the other like blocks in our house...most of the time.

I like the Lego guys more than the Mega Blok guys...but the boys didn't have a problem with them. And if you asked me why...I am not sure I could give you a specific reason.

Anyways, if your kiddo is heading to a birthday party and you know they like building things like this...going with a Mega Blok Squad kit is a reasonably priced way to accomplish this task.

We would definitely invest in another kit at some point.

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Raina and Andy said...

eli's not quite ready for that small of pieces or instructions but the kit looks cool for BOYS! RR


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