Wednesday, February 1, 2012

baby item: Carseat Canopy

On Monday we spent the day in the company of some favorite mama friends from afar.
They trekked here with their boys and babes.
And we lunched and chatted and enjoyed not tackling laundry or other to-do list items.
Sydney showed some interest in baby Gracie.

The same excitement she shows when a puppy comes trotting into the room.
There is some squealing and some clapping and some floor slapping.

Baby Grace was about to hit the road and Miss Syd was thinking she needed a little diaper change. 
So she helped herself to Miss Kim's diaper bag.

Then she took it upon herself to make sure Miss Kim latched Gracie in nice and snug.

Gracie looks like she is looking at her mama saying, "Who does this chick think she is?"

Little Gracie is snug in her carseat but the wind gets here sometimes.  And Kim was complaining about the blanket that she uses to hang over her carseat.  The blanket catches the wind so easily.

I had been given one of these Carseat Canopys to review recently, but Miss Syd grew out of her infant carseat too quickly.  So I was waiting for a little to come so I could try it out. 

So we buttoned it up top the handle.  And Kim loved the cute buttons (that actually latched with velcro).
The one side is decorated black and white so obviously that side goes on the outside but both agreed...

That flipping it so baby could see the busy pattern worked too.

The other side is a cozy soft material.

Miss Syd gave it some good tugs and played a little peek-a-boo with little Gracie.

And Miss Kim then stated that this was a GREAT tool for mama's.

And I really wish I would have had one when I was toting Miss Sydney around last year.
They also have the cozy insert that you can add to to canopy cover.  Or you can just get the canopy.

Miss Syd slept through the night!  WOO HOO!
We will finally make it to ECFE class (Thanks to a little help from Lynelle).
I met with a trainer this morning to talk goals for exercising.  So today my body rests. 
8 hours of uninterrupted sleep- check.
Coffee -check.
Shower -check.
It's Wednesday.  GO!


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I bet it was fun to have a little itty bitty baby around for you to see Sydney interact with. So cute, love how curious she was.

Danifred said...

What a cute set. It only takes a new baby to make our "babies" look so big.


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