Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sparkle Stories: Review and GIVEAWAY!

One of our bedtime solutions, during one of the numerous "awful dreadful quirky stages" that our children have gone through, has been using books on CD to help them drift off to sleep peacefully. And when this mama is wearing her super cape and flying solo during the bedtime routine...having some fun audio books in my pocket are a huge help. I can read the crew a few picture books all together and then snuggle in the boys and hit play.  We don't use audio books every night.  We did for a while, always after reading with them.  But it is a special treat these days. 

Sparkle Stories, a unique children's audio book subscription, crossed my path recently and I have been lucky enough to get to try them out and GIVEAWAY a three month subscription to one of you.  Sparkle Stories is a unique subscription that delivers audio books to you on a weekly basis.  The stories are wholesome with cute characters and nice lessons.  The stories all range from 15-25 minutes long.  PERFECT to fall asleep to.   Your children can look forward to a new story each Friday.

 The Sparkle Stories are delivered to your storybox.  You can download them and burn them to a disc or play them on any MP3 player or ipad type device.  I put them on my  ipad and burned them to CD.  So we are set for travel too.  When I burned them I put each story on it's own cd but doubled it up.  That way they listen to the one story twice...helping with comprehension. 

Audio books are a great learning tool for children.  They allow the audience to practice their listening skills and let their imaginations create the images in their head -instead of limiting their thinking to the pictures in a book.  And how great to not have to leave your house to find a new story for your children to enjoy.

We are trying three of the series options.  And today we got our first stories.  Tonight they picked to listen to Luck and the BlueJay.

But here are the three stories and a little summary of what they are about.

Martin and Sylvia is one series.  The first story we received was titled:
Telling the Truth and a little blurb about the story...
Sylvia accidentally breaks one of Martin’s inventions, and blames the damage on their cat Pickles. “Pickles did it!” But oh how Sylvia feels miserable — all day! Momma knows just what to do: she whispers a little something in Sylvia’s ear, and Sylvia knows just what’s needed next.

Another series is So Many Fairies and the first story we received was titled:
Luck and the BlueJay
Ripley is a bold bluejay with quite a temper. For the past few years he has developed a reputation for his temper, and consequently, other birds have begun to avoid him. A host of fairies teach Ripley about finding inner peace and calm using the help of, well, something very surprising!

And another series is At Home with Martin and Sylvia and the first story we received is:
Visiting the New Baby
Momma’s assistant Amy has just had a baby, and Martin and Sylvia can’t wait to see her. They do all sorts of things to get ready to meet her: they make cards and little fuzzy gifts, and plan out a nutritious meal. But nothing prepares them for the magical moment of seeing a new baby for the first time.

The man that narrates the stories is very soothing.  It is just right for a calm end to the day.  The boys loved listening to the stories last night...even though there weren't dragons or Star Wars guys in them.

So a three month subscription...that is a couple hours of audio books ladies.  Perfect for in the car, bedtime, naptime, quiet time, art time (they can listen and you can pause the story so they can draw what they see in their imagination).  The possibilities are endless. 

Give a shout out and tell me one thing you are doing for you today.  And you will be entered to win the three month subscription.  Make sure you have an email included in your entry so that I can contact you.  Otherwise you will have to rely on the announcement here on Saturday evening.  The winner will be chosen on Saturday evening around 9pm. 


Amy said...

Oh, I'd feel so badly if I won & Jessie didn't. :P Anyway, I would love to get those stories. Erin listens to audio Harry Potter every night. Max and Meg would love something for themselves, too. What am I doing for me today? I am going to continue to work on some tasks so that I feel more settled. I have homework for upcoming shows and haven't taken the time to prepare well enough so that I feel comfortable yet. I would love to feel further on that by the end of the night. Tomorrow, I am headed to Zumba JUST FOR ME!

christina said...

I heard about Sparkle Stories a while ago, but it wasn't until just the other night I revisited the site and played one of the stories for my almost 3 yr old, the next night another with her and my oldest age 8 and then the next with my 5 yr old as well. They Loved them!! Especially my 8 yr old...which surprised me. I have been pondering a subscription so this would be perfect!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Kelly said...

I'm taking a cake decorating class - something I've always wanted to do. It's so much fun!

I never thought about audio books for the boys at night....what a great idea! I'll throw my name in the yellow bucket for a chance to win. Thanks!

Shoan Dieter said...

This is truly a delightful gift! It is two-fold for me because now I am forced to make the time to do something special just for me...I am always on the go, thinking and planning for the children and hubs, meals, activities, preparing home school lessons including reading countless numbers of stories everyday etc., and have been wanting for years to do a yoga class, so now I am going to do just that! YAY!! Even if I don't win...I WIN!

Thank you, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

I am getting my haircut tonight, cant wait to get a head massage :) Hope I win---this sounds like a great series!

christina said...

Forgot to tell you what I am doing for myself...taking a walk alone this's a simple thing but at 40 weeks pregnant with my fourth, it's also just what I need to clear my head

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

Today I am going to eat 3 freshly sprinkled cutout cookies for fun! the kids decorated them last night with grandma and auntie and today before they get home, i'm sneaking a few!

Anonymous said...

Today, hopefully, I am going to sew a liner into our bedroom curtains. They are cute but don't filter out the light. Lately, I've been finding myself awake for no reason in the middle of night and it is hard to get back to sleep. Maybe if the room is a little darker I won't even wake up in the first place? Can't hurt to try.
Happy Wednesday!

Raina and Andy said...

This seems like the next "trick" we'll try during our bed time routine as it gets more game-like to Eli. HA! Would love to win.
Today...for ME today I am going to spread icecream and maybe some whip cream ontop of a gluten free waffle so it feels like i'm having cake with andy on his birthday :) this is totally a pregnant woman ME thing. RR

Anonymous said...

drinking some hot cocoa...yumm
love sparkle stories

MOMOF2 said...

Hope I win! Would love to try these with my little ones! Just got done with a little nap and a handfull of M & M's for MYSELF!!! Love the activity you just posted. Can't wait to try it with Ayla! Great seeing you today!

Christine said...

Love this idea!

What am I doing for ME today? A good question! Maybe I will ignore the laundry tonight and curl up with a good book instead.....or a good blog!

youareyourown said...

Hmmm, not sure what I will do just for myself today. Go to bed early? That would be a great idea!

The Tompkins Family said...

This is a fantastic giveaway! Hopefully it applies to Canadian residents too?!

Today, for me, I worked out.

Anonymous said...

Today I am sitting with my feet up, losing myself in the world of my favorite blogs, all while lounging in my pajamas! -Lisa (

Lynelle said...

Today, I ate some dove chocolates that are hidden from the rest of my family. :) They were yummy. I also made time to walk on the treadmill. Hope your day went well!


Hannah said...

I would love to win this! Today I am watching Caprica(neardy!) on netflix.

Holly Fish said...

I laid down and let my husband make dinner this evening. We love sparkle stories here! Thanks for this!

Holly Fish said...

citrusholly AT gmail DOT com

sorry I forgot!

Jessica said...

What a fun giveway. Today for me I had delicious healthy dinner with some girlfriends . . . Alone. Time to be ME and not just mama.

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! 20 comments already! For me? Today? Taking a shower before Cory leaves for work. :)


Anonymous said...

I am going to try to go to bed early tonight!

I checked out these sparkle stories on their website and Amber LOVES them! She listened to two yesterday and is listening to one online right now as I type this!

Jamie Trampe

April Kaiser said...

This would be so cool because we listen to stories on CD on our way to school with a 30 min drive!
Today for me... Go out tonight by myself and find a dress for Mollie's dedication this weekend :)

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Today I read a book for me during naptime. Great giveaway:)

Anonymous said...

I'm nesting!! T-7 days!! It's the least I can do before I'm so sleep deprived that I can't function!! HA!

jessica said...

Pick me, Pick Me!

Jessie in Savage!


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