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Welcome to For the Love of Naps.

I am a mom.  
I spent many years teaching third grade, fourth grade, and first grade.  I miss the creative outlet that teaching provided and it often times creeps into my daily doings with my boys.  I love coming up with thrilling ways to make our everyday happenings a little more full of learning and fun.  I am a mother who strives for more patience, balance, and presence.  My goal is to make our home a place where our boys want to be, our family the people they want to hang out with, and our life together one full of memories that will stay with us forever.  Being a Stay At Home Mom is a tough job but it is one that we are sacrificing for and I appreciate the opportunity each day.

I am supported by a wonderful husband who loves to nap on Saturday afternoons.
He works hard each day to provide for our family.  He leaves early to get his 'job' done and when he walks through the door he is 100% daddy.  He gives bathes, wrestles, builds magnificant tinker toy contraptions, reads nightly, and knows just what our boys need from him - even when he has had a hard day at work.  He is the person in my life that brings reason and rational reflections to my sometimes overwhelmed thoughts.  
I love you Ed.

We are blessed with two boys, one who still naps and one who doesn't. 

Charley is my five year old who doesn't nap.  Although, many days I think he would still benefit from a good sleep mid-afternoon.  He is our talker.  He is kind.  He is the best big brother a little brother could ask for.  He is full of patience, kindness, excitement, and tenderness.  He is obsessed with Star Wars.  Chuck loves to cook and bake with me.  Time with his daddy is a highlight each day.  Charley loves playdates, board games, playing outside, sledding, downhill skiing, going to parks, doing 'projects' and going on outings.   He is ready for kindergarten in many ways but his mama isn't ready to send him off EVERY day.  
Henry is my two year old napper.  He climbs the stairs every afternoon looking forward to a story or two or three, his 'ukkie', and a cuddle.  He is very verbal but is often really shy when we are around new people.  Hank loves his big brother, when daddy is home, going to school, Santa, playdough, playing outside, Star Wars, Dora, cookies, cake, his ukkie, his big brother, candy, pancakes, hugs and cuddles.  He is a proud boy who likes to accomplish big kid stuff.  He idolizes his big brother and you can see the pride he has when he is playing with Charley.  He walks taller and talks confidently.  The age of 2 is so much fun - because he is experiencing life and getting it and will finally remember it.

We also welcomed Miss Sydney Laverne to our family on January 23, 2011! 

  I take each day, start fresh, and try and learn moment to moment. 
My days are filled with matchbox cars, tinker toys, and "guys." 
I try to give my boys a daily adventure that leads to a nap. 
I strive each day to find a moment for myself...often during nap time. 
Is it nap time yet?


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