Saturday, April 19, 2014

good morning on a Saturday.

A springy week is ahead.  I can feel it!  Grass is going to green up!
Bikes can be used.  Chalk can decorate your driveway. 
And it was time to buy some watermelon!  

We have some Easter excitement planned for our weekend.  Family and baby holding and yummy food!  Enjoy your holiday weekend.  

We have a horrible habit going on right now with Syd.  We have let her in our bed at super early morning hours in hopes of a bit more sleep.  Now that is turning into 3am pleading to come sleep in by us.  We don't sleep as well when she is kicking around.  To break the habit there will be tantrums...because I have tried this past week.  Stages and phases.  This too shall pass. 

Syd has these Princess tattoos that I gave her for her birthday.  When she wants one she comes and asks for a tutu.  SO CUTE!

Next year both Henry and Charley will be in school all day.  
Um, that will be weird.  Just me and Syd....not sure if this makes me excited or afraid.  

Yesterday we walked/biked to a park.  The boys did great.  I walked/ jogged with Syd in the single jogger.  I just bought a single jogger off of craig's list.  And I just sold our double!  Kind of exciting to be only pushing a solo stroller for a run!  

Friday, April 18, 2014

A lesson learned while egg dying

The boys are out of school today so we decided this morning would be our morning to color eggs.  Some years we do it at our Aunt Katy's with our cousins.  Some years we have done it outside.  This year it is a tad chilly and it worked best to do them here.  So we set up shop and the kids went to work.  

Syd's personality is confident and she dives right into things as she watches her brothers...but, often is starting while watching.  Almost mirroring them.  So some eggs cracked.  

But for the first time, I pretty much sat back and let them go.  I supervised.  Wiped up messes, reminded firmly not to wander about the house with dripping eggs and spoons.  But for the most part, I didn't have to do much.  Although, my hands are still dyed.  

I know there are all these creative ways you can decorate your eggs.  But I find the more complicated, the more tense I get.  So I made choices that meant that there wasn't any yelling during our egg dying.  They felt freedom and power.  Eggs broke, but it didn't matter.  And Henry said, "This is the best day ever!"  Mission accomplished.  

Henry asked if this was Sydney's first Easter.  I explained it was her third Easter but, probably her first where she is able to anticipate and understand the fun and traditions.  

The egg decorating is done.  But, Syd has been carrying around her favorite egg all morning long.  She has brought it outside, tapped it on things, and constantly says, "DO NOT HATCH" to it.  Yes, slightly loud and firm.  That egg probably won't make it to the Easter hunt.  But, she is happy and busy and carrying for something kindly.  Mission accomplished.  

Lesson today:  In the grand scheme of giving your children life experiences - know yourself.  Be confident in what you can handle.  If making intricatly decorated Easter eggs that look like Angry birds characters or cute crafty ones painted with black chalkboard paint so they can decorate them with chalk and they look like Martha Stewart stopped by - HAVE AT IT!  But if that kind of project will cause crying, yelling, stress, and too much mess....then skip it.  Kids want a happy mom!  The holidays can be so filled with guilt and pressure to give, get, go, experience, and do all these fancy things.  When really a good old Paas dye kit will make them say, "This is the best day ever!"

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another reason spring needs to get here soon!

Because mama doesn't want to invest in anymore pants this time of year.  But boy, DO THEY NEED the next size up.  Sigh.

spring WAS here. sigh

Spring did show up the other day.  And we got out the bikes.  And everyone was happy.


then it snowed AGAIN.  But not too much.  And this weekend the temps should rise again.  
BUT, one thing I HATE about this time of year is the mood swings that Mother Nature pulls on us.  And I can handle them fine...but it is the kids that don't understand that one day can be shorts or no jackets and the next is hats, mittens, and winter gear AGAIN.  And Miss Syd now remembers what flip flops, shorts, swimsuits, and free and easy leaving the house moments feel like.  

I want her to understand that I get it.  It is SO much more fun to leave the house without zipping, buttoning, digging for lost mittens, and bulky jackets.  But it is part of the experience and it makes us all appreciate spring and sunshine and decent temperatures so much more.  Right?  

So soon enough big brother and little sis will be wandering about again.  Looking for treasures and claiming our quiet street with their hot wheels and sunshiny smiles.  
And soon enough, I will be back in the mode of turning off the inside to do list and will wander the yard, catching some rays, applying bandaids and feel better back rubs.  

Spring will arrive!  And all will be well. 

The biggest brother in the house got some new wheels last night.  Dad is picking them up tonight.  I am guessing that even if he has to wear mittens and his ski face mask...Charley will take his new wheels out for a spin!  He is VERY excited to have gears!  Cracks me up!  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a summer goal

This little bird stopped napping WAY too early.  
The loss of nap has impacted our eating, my blogging, exercise, Henry's one on one time, and much more.  She stopped by the age of two.  She is three.  She is still too early to not be watched or entertained and sadly, I never kept a quiet time where she had to stay in her room and play or look at books.  BIG REGRET!  So this summer, quiet time will be something I am going to focus on.  ALL three will have a half hour or more of quiet time in the afternoon.  She will see her boys taking part and this will be important.  And, when summer ends....Syd's quiet time will NOT end.  And my sister will make sure I prioritize what happens during the quiet time.  Meal planning, blogging, closing my eyes, exercise, a shower, putting away laundry, cleaning up MY bedroom, calling a friend, calling the doctor's office, editing pictures, sitting and staring at the wall.  But there will be a routine quiet time that will give us all a little break.  Because this no break thing has impacted all of us. Including our sweet and sassy little beauty.  

I am stating this so that my close friends can remind me and ask how this is going.  Thank you ahead of time.

Monday, April 14, 2014

filling everyone's cup

Trying to look ahead at our week and mix the right amount of everything.  Everyone needs their cups filled this week.  The goal will be to fill everyone's cup enough that no one is breaking down or freaking out.  Impossible, but a good goal.  

One way to work to achieve this goal is to take a quiet minute, think ahead at the hour, day, and week, and identity how all those cups fill up.  Some need hugs, conversations, snacks, eye contact, math fact practice, a cup of coffee, a text or email, a birthday balloon, a craft with mom, bike shopping with dad, a workout, a new pair of shoes, a cartoon,  laundry done, or a smile.  

How will you fill YOUR cup today?


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