Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy Birthday, Henry!

 This kiddo turned 7 on Sunday. 
He is growing up way too fast.  Makes me sad to think I can't even remember when he was that 4 month old chunk of 20 pounds.  Now he is skin and bones and we can't seem to find foods that he likes.  
He still looks so proudly at his brother and craves time playing with him. 
He is a loving big brother to Sydney and gives her such special attention...and some pesty attention. 

He has done everything in life at his own pace.  And starting school this year with no anxiety proved that all the choices we have made have been "just right" for our Henry. 
This year he is learning to read ..at his own pace.
 Becoming more independent at the ski hill...at his own pace.
Making friends at school....at his own pace.
Falling asleep at night.....at his own pace.  Sigh.

Last year he had a friend party.  This year he had family birthday.
So he kicked it off Friday night going to the new Hobbit movie with Charley and dad.
Ed has read the Hobbit to the boys, they play the video game, they have slowly watched the first two movies.  They loved it. 
Saturday we went out for pizza at lunch. His favorite.  Then we went bowling and to the arcade.
Sunday he woke up and had donuts and opened presents and had a lazy day.   Finishing the day with some alfredo and a cake.   We ended the evening all snuggled up watching Dolphin Tale 2.  

Things he got this year for his birthday were lego sets, minecraft guys, a wobble board, remote control spider, iTunes cards, and more. 

Life is good for this guy named Henry.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year on skates!

We have all been under the weather off an on all holiday season.  Nothing big or crazy but, it has slowed us down and kept us pretty low key.  Haven't wanted it to turn into more.  Yesterday we did a little family adventure to kick off the new year.  Ed and I would like to do more this 2015.  We often are so content at home on weekends and we shy away from big outings.  But when we do it is always a great experience for our family.  So we kicked it off with our first ice skating excursion.  
We took Charley when he was so little that he just sat on my lap and Ed pushed us around.  

Henry was the most tentative.  But he got more confident in trying it as the evening went on.  Syd loved it and enjoyed pushing around the sled.  I even skated!  I felt most sure pushing the kids too but I did a few little spins.  

I was so proud of Charley.  He kept at it and got more and more confident.  He fell a lot but he did it with a smile and got back up.  We are on the hunt for some used skates now.  Kind of regretting not having them on the kid's xmas lists.  But hard to know what they are going to like and if we will make time to use them.  

Got up and hit the barbell class this morning.  
Came home to a dark and quiet house and got this blog post done.  
More later!  2015 I want to get something posted on here a couple times a week.  Keeping the expectations low and hoping to succeed.  

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gingerbread chaos....

Today we did this.  I had a shoot this morning and I promised them if I got a good report from the sitter we would do this as our afternoon holiday activity.  Surprisingly, the whole thing was calm and peaceful!  

I bought three pre made houses this year.  BEST decision ever to buy the pre made!  Only a wee bit more and there was no frustration trying to assemble.  I also pondered getting just one so they could all work together.  But then, I decided that this would be our Monday of holiday break activity to keep us occupied and it did.  And they each got to create and do their thing.  They traded candies and helped each other.  So it was still a good hearted activity.  Next year we will get just one and see how that goes.  

Finished product!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Syd's holiday program

Though she is spunky and outgoing in her little Syd way...when on stage she is like her brothers and barely sings.  I can't get enough of her little preschool self that comes skipping out of her classroom every Tuesday/Thursday afternoon.  Love this little girl of mine, her tiny tights, her little praying hands, and her fellow sweet friends who she thinks miss her during this holiday break.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

baking up a kissable batch of cookies

I am amazingly less stressed this holiday season.  Maybe because I have given us permission to simplify.  We are doing a lot of amazon shopping to avoid the stores and over purchasing things we see and throw in the cart.  We have made two kinds of cookies so far...the kiss cookies I drag out.  Syd unwrapped the kisses one day.  We made the batter the next morning.  We let it chill and then made them in the afternoon.  Baked with love and patience.  

My mom gifted me a book with recipes she wrote in her own handwriting.  It is my most used and loved cook book.  Smudges and all. 

Today is a reheated cup of coffee fro yesterday to start the day and a new pot brewed at 10am.  Our holiday cards are in the mailbox with the flag up thanks to Charley.  Laundry was carried up by both boys...baskets to be unloaded today.   A playdate for little gal.  Lunch with a friend at the kitchen table for me.  And hoping to conquer wrapping and chex mix for the great great aunts and uncles in our life.   We are going NO WHERE except to bring the boys to school and to pick them up.  I am determined to accomplish what needs to be done with nothing else added. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Oh the games.
The games.
The "I have to go potty" five times before she falls asleep will end when she turns four....right?


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