Friday, February 5, 2010


All week I have been "wavering" on whether I should take advantage of a moms outing that involves free time with friends to get some little things done. The MOMS Club that I am part of is hosting a 'Craft for the Cause' get together at a local church. We escape our mommy lives and venture out to band together to scrapbook, blog, clip coupons, read, putter around on our computers, write letters, laugh, talk, eat...well at least I think that is what is going to go on..since I have never been to one of these. The money it costs will be donated...not sure where yet. It goes from 9 am until 9 pm.  Originally we thought Ed would have to work this Saturday - but he doesn't.  So I have the chance to go.

Why waver?

That's me. That is who I am.

I waver when decisions have to be made...not big expensive decisions - like what car we should buy...nope that I can decide and convince my better half in less than 6 hours.

Not annoying decisions like when door-to- door salesmen come to our door - nope, that I can get sucked into quickly.

But when the decision is what restaurant to eat at...well now that is a big decision.  Because you never know when it could be your last meal!  Geez!

So when I have to decide between a Saturday with my three boys or with girlfriends - I waver.  Not because I think this will be my last Saturday with my boys - I don't worry that much (just when it comes to food) but rather because I LOVE being home when my husband his home.  I love seeing him with the boys, I love all being under one roof - with the freedom for an adventure if we desire it.  

So all week I have tossed around the idea of giving up my Saturday with my family to escape and have some Me time with some good girlfriends. Ed has teased me, which ultimately makes me second guess my choice. However, once I decide to go - I know he fully supports it and will know that some time away will be good.

Time away from these two little miracles that amaze me and frustrate me daily.
Time away from the ability to wipe down counters, do laundry, pick up toys, make dinner, etc.
Time away from an environment that is meant to be our home but at times becomes my place of employment and this makes it a place that begins to be tiresome.

Getting away will make me appreciate it all. It will make me feel human. It will remind me that getting out and doing something for myself is healthy.

It will make me appreciate the ordinary days that are spoken about in this short video. I found this on a favorite blog that inspires me often.  She shared it warning that it will make you cry.  I made it about 5 minutes and thirty seconds and then I couldn't push the emotions down anymore.  If you are a mom or a dad - watch it and let it remind you to make time for yourself so you can enjoy everyday ordinary moments that will someday be remembered as extraordinary.

There is no wavering when it comes to knowing that someday I will think back to these early years of motherhood and wish I had taken more in - not rushed it - and not forgotten that there is a part of motherhood that requires space; so that when the little ones fly from the coop, we know who we are without them attached to our leg, begging for our attention, and requiring so much love and energy.

May your weekend be filled with ordinary cozy moments that leave you feeling blessed and maybe a moment for yourself so that you can slide into the Monday routine with a deep breath and a patient spirit.

Happy Weekending!


Lynelle said...

So, what did you decide to do?

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Saturday will be spent with friends and Sunday I will enjoy my family! Last minute plans are the best...we'll see if I have enough stuff to fill 12 hours!

Anonymous said...

Go, go, go! Think about how good you'll feel on Monday...all refreshed to spend time with your boys. Good for you!


Anonymous said...

I believe I am truly a mom now. Holding little Jack, only seven weeks old, crying about the day he will go to college!. Only made it 1 minute into the video before crying!!!! Good Lord!


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