Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tree Saga

So the tree guys were supposed to show up at one showed all morning. I actually was happy they hadn't shown up because I was realizing I was really going to miss this tree. I had friends coming over for a dinner playdate between 4 and 4:30....and who rolls up at 3:55! The tree guys! In two hours they had the tree down and were pulling away. Here are a few pictures and comments:

Here is the start of the tree coming down!

Here is just the trunk!

This is how Charley felt about the tree coming down. He was sad for the squirrel that lived in the hole.

Daddy was home for this and I thought it was hilarious how I could see the little boy in him come out as he watched. He got all excited ...or something. I can't describe it. My friends arrived at 4:10 so part of our playdate was done shouting over the chainsaw. My favorite moment was when Ed came in and hit up the fridge for three beers. He brought them out for two of the guys who brought the tree down. There was a big fiasco to how this whole thing came to happen so to see Ed out there lugging wood and bringing them beers made me laugh.

Here is the spot now without the tree. It is sad to wash dishes and look out the window and not have that tree there but the tree had a hallow spot running from the very top to the very bottom and at places it was very large. So it is probably best that the tree is down.

Here is just one patch of trees that we can still enjoy in our yard. We have a few other patches with numerous trees. This afternoon we will be raking.

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