Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

 This morning we woke to this…a wicked evil laugh as she took inventory of her candy stash. 
As I whimpered in the corner…in fear of what the next few days will bring…OH WAIT! I am outta here tomorrow so daddy can be the genius that figures out how to get her to forget about the candy…and get her brothers to not mention theirs either.  We will all be eating candy in closets and cupboards this year.  

Because the stash was mighty for all three trick or treaters this year.  
After trudging in the cold through the neighborhood with these spooky friends. 

My adorable crew this Halloween 2013! (look here for past 2012!)
Charley (9) is Harry Potter, Henry (5) is a power ranger, and Syd is once again a peacock!  

It was a super dreary day so it got dark and cold fast.  
Not ideal for taking pictures.  
But the Halloween trick or treating experience was not cut short by any means. 
And today will bring the manic moods that come with staying up way too late, sugar ingested, and even just the idea that sugar is sitting in the bowl.  

We will work on THIS project that we always do (back in the day I got super crafty and did it this way)…it helps to ration our candy and keeps me from eating it.  Then it is off to the dentist to sell it to the dentist for $1 a pound!  But there is also this activity

Hope your Halloween was wonderful and safe.  Cheers to  "mama sneaks candy with her head shoved in the cupboard" day!


Raina and Andy said...

Hahahaa love that last line. Make sure to wave nicely to all the neighbors in thanks for the kit kat or snickers today! Rr

Jessica said...

Those pictures of Syd are perfect. Love when we capture the moment exactly. So cute. JG

Anonymous said...

Love the last line - that is totally me every day after Halloween until the chocolate is gone!!! Jamie Trampe

CanadianMama said...

Haha, the peacock picture is too awesome!

Anonymous said...

When I need a little day brightener, I keep going back to peek at the picture of "evil laughing" Sydney. Cracks me up! :) ~ Amy


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