Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Girl's weekend

This past weekend I was gifted some time with my mom and sister.  We were supposed to experience the Pink concert but, that got postponed and I probably won't get to be there for that.  I had a flight booked and my mom had rented us a little apartment down right by the lake within walking distance of lots of fun.  We just decided to make the weekend different.  

We ate.  And ate.  And enjoyed every. single. meal that we didn't have to prepare or clean up....or entertain while waiting for the waitress to deliver the yum. 

We talked, without interruption.  We sat in quiet and did our iPads.  We slept a little later.   

My mom used to live in this area when she was dating my dad.  So she pointed out apartments and establishments they frequented.  One was a bar that they used to go to.  It was still there and we enjoyed a diverse crowd of all ages who danced the night away in creepy costumes.  
None of us really moved...or rather, I didn't move once we sat down.  The whole thing was so entertaining.  It is not typical that we don't hit the dance floor if we are together, with cocktails, and there is a dance floor rocking'...but none of us even attempted because the costumes were incredibly scary.

I don't get to see Lake Michigan very often anymore.  I see Lake Superior more frequently.  And boy, it just feels good to stare out at the blue water that I grew up by.  

It was a weekend I had anticipated for a LOOOONNNNGGG time.  
It was a weekend where I completely mom and sis might even say I seemed distant and quiet.  But really, I don't get that many moments during my day to day to just sit back and take in all that is around me without handing out snacks, wiping noses, calming the bickering, timing out the rough housers, and so I do think I kinda spaced out.  But man, did it feel good.  

Thanks Mom and Raina for planning all the fun.  I gave VERY little input and I know it frustrated you.  But I sure enjoyed not having to think about it.  It was so fun and soooo good for my soul.  Well, maybe not the creepy old people costumed people that lurked so close behind us and made us all shake in our boots.  

Today:  we got snow.  So you can only imagine how early and how much excitement our house is buzzing with.  


The Tompkins Family said...

Sounds like such a lovely time! Looking forward to a weekend away from the family visiting my sister...1 more week, I can do it!

Raina and Andy said...

Can you send me allllll the pics from this fun weekend!! Pleeeeease. Hope you want to travel with me again someday. Rr


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