Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What to do with all the loot?

This afternoon while Henry was napping Charley finally felt inspired to sort through his bowl of candy (weird, I know, since most kids want to dive right in the night of!). For an hour he worked on sorting and then graphing what he got. We obviously didn't graph all the different types. Not only did he practice his counting, but he also compared amounts, read labels, worked on his cutting, gluing, and coloring skills, and he ate some yummy candy! Mission accomplished!

Practicing our cutting skills while getting the labels for our graph.

Taking his time and recording his results.

And we're done! Kit Kats are his favorite!


Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Love the graph! He'll be the 8th grader who aces his speed graphs! :)


The Gardiner Family said...

Love it!

Paula said...

You are not helping my mommy inferiority complex!!

Anonymous said...

wow...way too cute!! love that you were a teacher--such good ideas to keep your boys busy!


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