Monday, June 13, 2011

On the road again...

So...summer began on Friday.  We had a lazy our PJs we leisurely ate breakfast at 9am.  Then we went out and about looking to find a treasure at a garage sale - but had no luck.  Lunch was quick.  The weather was cruddy.  So, then we went to a local American Inn hotel and swam.  They are open for free swim and it was awesome.  There was only one other family there.  We went with our good friends...the E girls and Oscar.  They have a small kiddie pool that is 1 ft. deep with a fun frog slide.  Henry was content the ENTIRE time.    And then a deeper pool with a bigger water slide.  The kids swam and road that waters slide, nonstop, for a good 3 + hours.  It was wonderful and no one got sunburn.  The two babes played along nicely.  When I was pregnant and found out my good friend was also pregnant it was afternoons like Friday that I was so excited for.  Hanging out with our babes and big kiddos and just enjoying life.

We kicked off one of our bucket list items...water slide that afternoon.  And so it begins...

We continue this week with our first road trip to Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bob's house.  Sydney is so excited that she has been squealing all weekend.  It should make for an interesting car ride.  I have this song playing in my head as I pump myself up for this first road trip with three.  

I wish I would have made my good friend Jessie a CD with this song on it because we are two mamas who have three children and make the drive to our moms. It is worth the worry and anxiety that we endure building up to the big trip.  It is worth the moments on the ride that we wish we hadn't done it when we hear "Hey, Mama" one too many times,and it is worth it for the rush that we feel when we arrive safely and have a great time!  And she should be at her destination enjoying "home."

So this morning we will head out...just as soon as every one's bellys are full and bladders are emptied.  Starbucks will be a treat stop we will hit up just as we cross the border. 

This trip I am leaving the video player at home.  It is on the verge of breaking and there is no good way to have it set up with both boys sitting in the WAY back.  Yes, Charley and Henry will take up the third row and Sydney will enjoy watching them the whole ride in the second row.  Henry will have a huge open space in front of him, perfect for changing diapers and whatever else might lead to me needing to climb back there. 

How will they keep busy for the 5-7 hour trip...depending on how often and long we stop and how much road construction we run into...

I filled lunch bags with little surprises.  They are labeled with a number and the letter A for activity or a number and the letter S for snack.  I have more than enough for the ride there and home.  I figure every half hour or so they will get to pick a bag and open it.  Many of the items are toys we already own...and then there are a few dollar bin items that will be thrilling and keep them anticipating the next package. 

I am vowing to enjoy this summer.  Take it slow.  Be deliberate with my parenting choices.  And have steady patience.  So we will kick it off with the ultimate challenge...first time road trip with three kiddos.  Miss Sydney is the ultimate wild card.  The boys get that they need to pull it together in order to get to make these fun trips with mama.  Miss Sydney - she doesn't get it.  But she does get toted around in her carseat quite often.  So she knows it.  She is typically pretty go with the flow when she is in it.  So we are going to bank on success.  And of course stop and let her kick around if needed.  Thanks to the GPS we have parks pin pointed along the way!  

Happy Monday folks!  How are you spending your first Monday of Summer!!!!????

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Laura said...

I LOVE all the music you are introducing me or reminding me of. Your taste rocks! Thanks!

The hotel pool sounds awesome. I need to look into that here.

My big plan for the day is to play with my little ladies and maybe dive into my Geography curriculum.

Happy Monday to you too.

Stacey said...

You are one smart Mama! I love the lunch sack idea! Happy Road-Trip!


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