Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer music giveaway!

Last summer I had a song that I called my summer song. And even this past winter, when it came on the radio, Henry would proudly remind me, "MAMA! It's your summer song!" What song was it you ask. It was this one!


Recently, I was asked to review and giveaway Michael Franti's latest album The Sound of Sunshine! Yes you heard me correctly...the CD that my summer song is on! I was thrilled. I hadn't listened to much else by Franti...besides the old favorite, Say Hey (I Love You). The CD arrived last week and it has been in our player all week!  It is AWESOME!  The boys even love having it on.  One day last week we had it playing all afternoon.  It has such nice rhythm. 

There are several songs that I LOVE on the album and there are none that I want to skip over!  But this one is probably my favorite.  It has the line...

"The best things in life aren't things" 

And I actually heard it on our local radio station yesterday on our way home from soccer!  So this must be his next hit from the album...which makes me feel pretty proud because it is what I would have picked.

"The best things
In life
aren't things"

...but wouldn't it be fun to get a new fun CD in the mail for summer!?
Share something you are planning to cross off your summer list this week and you will have a chance to have win a copy of Michael Franti &Spearhead's CD The Sound of Sunshine.

Giveaway will end on Thursday, June 16th at 9pm.

**I was given a copy of this CD from EMI to review and giveaway.  I only do reviews and giveaways for products that stay true to my blog content.  And I honestly really do LOVE this CD.


Laura said...

Oh I love his music - just checked him out on iTunes. I think I'll see if I win before I buy the album there, but he rocks!

I have a lot on my summer list, but this week I hope to cross of my Geography Curriculum updates and sorting baby clothes for Pj.

Anonymous said...

This week I am going to try to get through a pile of paperwork that has been sitting around for a while. Jamie Trampe

Crystal said...

Great music!

This week I am taking a mini overnight vacay with my husband - going to see NKOTB/BSB :) Not his idea, but he's a trooper (although did ask me to make a concert mix CD for the trip, so I think he's a closet fan).

Also this week hoping to take the kids to one of those crazy spend all day doing go karts/bumper boats/putt putt/ice cream/video game/spending all your money places.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

We plan to sign up for the library reading program this week, or today since Hayden wants to do it right away:)

Also plan to go to a kickoff party - help us get in the spirit of summer. Outside time, here we come!

Anonymous said...

We are going to an annual turkey fry! Good food and great friends-- and kiddos big enough to entertain each other. AWESOME!!AK

Raina and Andy said...

This week I am going to see my cousin dance in her recital AND meet a new specialy baby AND celebrate E turning 2 AND make a trip up north.....I hope I win for accomplishing so much ;)


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