Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Man oh Man...this kid has been 1 for forever to me!  Maybe because I was pregnant when he turned one...and pregnancy makes you aware of time.  Maybe it is because I got to see him a good amount this year, especially these last two or three months.  Mostly, I think it is because Sydney is only a little over a year and a half away from turning 2!!!!! HAHA!  I know - I shouldn't worry about her growing up and just enjoy her. 

Just like my sister and her husband have done these last two years - they have enjoyed their E-bug.  Remember the entrance that this little bugger made.  It was a blur.  I remember it and I remember seeing my sister and her husband grow up before my eyes.  This little guy made sure we all knew he was here!  And we are so glad that he arrived and is turning two!  I tried to capture some pictures during a birthday dinner that we had for him while visiting my parents last week - but most came out blurry -  keeping with the theme of his life...a blur. 

Why a blur...

a.  Maybe because his entrance into the world was a wee bit overwhelming - a blur.
b.  Maybe because this little guy is a busy fellow and is always moving fast.
c.  Maybe because really - these two years have flown by in a blur!

Here are the "blurry" moments I captured.

Daddy reminding him to make a wish!  And make it good!

Love the RELAXED happiness on mama's face in this shot.

This is what 2 is all about.  PURE joy over the simple little things in life...and Grandma Barb's tradition continues as she presented him with once again ...a REALLY cool umbrella!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this post sarah! he IS so special and SO perfect ( I can say that right?). His life has been a blur. I teared up when I clicked the link and saw the first post about him ever! i wanted to cry when I (again) realized ed took off work so you could come drive and see me. at the time-i wasn't even thinking about saying thank you to him about that. i owe him. RR


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