Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When I travel with my tribe...

I love these moments with those she will grow to LOVE...whether she knows it yet or not.  She found a calm moment with her goofy Uncle Andy.

She was happy girl and full of smiles when she met Aunt Pat and Emma.

And while I put the boys to bed this magic happened.  Calm and relaxed Aunt Raina rocked Miss Sydney to sleep...and she slept all night long. 

We have seen Grandma Barb quite a bit these first five months.  And I don't always capture her holding Miss Sydney because she is a busy lady when we visit or she visits us.  But Miss Sydney is content with her Grandma Barb.

And Grandpa Bob walked around with her while I put the boys to bed one night and kept her busy for a good 45 minutes or more...even with some fussy moments.  I seriously think that Miss Sydney keeps an eye out for that Grandpa Bob.  She knows that he will scoop her up, find a cozy spot on his lap, and let her watch the Indy 500 or some other exciting show...because now that women race too it is good to show her all the possibilities that lay before her......

The long drive is worth it.
The days of prepping when hosting family is worth it.
May and June have been blessed with many loving moments. 

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Laura said...

awww...I love the picture of your sister holding sweet Sidney.


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