Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome Elijah Casey!

We all come into this world on a chosen day to begin our story. The last few months have been filled with anticipation as we awaited baby to enter our world. Much talk, many emails, and many thoughts were exchanged on when it would all happen. This past Thursday my sister called with questions, wondering….how do you know when it is time! I was gifted the chance to experience her first hours of labor via ichat, text messaging, and our cell phones – ahhhh technology. By morning, with no announcement, my big sister anxiety started kicking in, I ordered mom to head to the hospital to snoop around, and I packed my bag. Ed tied things up at work and came home to be stay at home daddy so I could go welcome this little miracle. MY SISTER WAS GOING TO BECOME A MOTHER!

When one enters the world there is a woman destined to be his/her mother and love unconditionally. Whether you birth the baby or are picked in other special circumstances... when a woman becomes a mother life changes and is forever changed. My sister’s life changed and I became an aunt on June 19th. Elijah Casey entered the world and was loved near and far. Daddy Andy cut the cord and mama Raina looked into his squinty little eyes and was naturally – a mother.

Elijah’s story is starting with strength and persistence. He had a few little challenges and has spent time in a cozy “ tanning bed” staying warm, getting oxygen, and being watched over by may angel nurses. He is a little miracle….only 5 pounds 4 ounces. He is so tiny and so precious with black hair (maybe like both his grandpas). I think his little lips have Raina written all over them. Though he isn’t hanging out with his mama and daddy in their room he is being watched, poked, tickled, and caressed every moment they can get. He continues to show what a fighter he is and gains strength.

I have given birth to my two boys with little complication. I would even categorize my experience as “by the book.” We all have our story and each story is precious. But when you see a baby who is so tiny and needs a little special prayer and love enter the world you really see what a miracle life is. Mama Raina and Daddy Andy are showing calm, relaxed, natural care for their little miracle. I am amazed at the grace and patience they are showing when I know all they want to do is pick up their little miracle and snuggle. This time to snuggle will come, very soon!

I said to my mom today, I wonder if Raina comprehends yet how her world has changed. How her first thoughts in the morning will be of someone other than herself. I am filled with so much joy for them. And yes, I would love to make it all just right, not scary, but this is their story. This is their start and this is their son who is going to change a little each moment and become more and more of a person who will continue to change their world from day to day.

I have a nephew. I can’t wait to get my hands on him, watch him grow up, and see who he becomes – a little of each of them.
Life begins,
in it’s own miraculous way.
How precious it is.

Once upon a time….Elijah Casey was welcomed into the world and Raina became a mama!

Congratulations little sister!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting pictures! Got a chance to talk with Raina last night. So proud of her and Andy. Keeping them all in my prayers!

Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Sarah - that was BEAUTIFULLY written. I am sitting here with tears running down my face feeling so happy for them, for you and so thankful for the health of our little ones. Life is truly a miracle. Thank you for the reminder. Sarah

Anonymous said...

He's absolutely beautiful! Thank you for posting pictures. I must wipe up the teary mess on the laptop now. Sending my love...


The Gardiner Family said...

Your writing brings tears to my eyes, and I hope he is getting stronger by the minute.

Anonymous said...

Sarah...raina gave me this to look awesome! What you wrote was so beautiful, I am to sitting here with tears! She is very lucky to have such a wonderful big sister, near or far your support is everything, your both very lucky! Thanks for sharing...he is absolutely amazing! Congrats to you Auntie Sarah!!
Melissa Ross

Anonymous said...

PS...when you wrote how you think he has raina's lips you are so right!! I also saw charlie in him in 2 of the pictures! I bet they are excited to have a new cousin!!

Papa Ken and Grandma Colleen said...

Thank you Sarah, for sharing such wonderful thoughts and pictures with us all.


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