Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This girl's collection is expanding daily!

I have a girl.
And her shoe collection is growing by the week.
These are last weeks find at a little consignment store by my parents.

There is just a wee little part of me that is wishing her to grow bigger so we can start wearing shoes. But that part is so tiny because she is already 5 months old and I just love that her little feet are still too tiny for any of the shoes and the season is meant for her teeny tiny toes to be available to be nibbled!

Those that haven't seen her lately - she is growing so fast.  Soon she will be wobbling around after her big brothers in these cuttie patootie shoes with some crazy patterned tights!  EEEK!  Can't wait - just kidding.  I can wait.  Miss Sydney - take your little old time growing.  


The Tompkins Family said...

Love those! Maybe it's a good thing we aren't neighbors...we'd be fighting over the same clothes for the girls!

Anonymous said...

i hope those shoes will be passed down if we ever have a girl :) haha. break them in syd! RR


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