Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5 o'clock here

This is not the attitude or mood in our house right now.  
Wine and piano music and a few lamps is going to HELP me feel more patient.  We are going on an hour of battling to get homework started, accomplished, or checked.  
I have some massive attitudes and I am trying VERY hard to remember they are tired.  Homework is often boring and repetitive.  BUT, seriously, what could take 10 minutes is taking an hour to just get accomplished.  

All is actually quiet at the moment.  Cheers.  Counting on momentum to get these tired boys through the next hour and a half, because bedtime is coming fast for the oldest who couldn't sleep at 4:45 and has been up since.  And the first grader is still cashed out after a full day of school.  

Three things I am grateful for:

1.  Time today to move a few things around in the house to give things a fresh little feel.
2.  Rainy day at home with some banana bread making with my girl and two boys who were excited to have some for snack.
3.  Soccer was cancelled so we can actually all sit down for dinner and we can have a very normal night (which actually is sadly not the normal anymore).


Raina and Andy said...

Ok where did that costume come from? We need to borrow when Henry grows out of it (or when syd grows out of it?). I always picture your 5 o'clock to be peaceful and perfect. Ha. Rr

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say YEAH for seeing a post today! And CHEERS 7 hours before 5pm... because we both know it's coming!


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