Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Henry update.

Everything about this kid is awesome.  
He has grown and become such a great kid.  
And I have never felt more sure of all the choices we have made for him.  
1/2 kindergarten, which meant open enrolling him.  Swim lessons, soccer, break from soccer, and now Scouts.  Each thing has pushed him and set the stage for him loving first grade.  

He is liking school.  He is heading off with his brother with a smile and a wave.  
He gets himself to his class independently (last year it was a few weeks of mama walking him to the door).  He is bringing his lunch (and yes, I have packed it EVERY day).  And I am challenging him to try the hot lunch in the coming weeks.  Most of his lunch comes home uneaten though.  I tease him that it is because he is talking too much.  I know this isn't the case.  I know what a change it is to go from sitting at the table with just mom and little managing your own lunch box of goodies surrounded by chaos and fun.  So we are taking steps to get more food in him.  Today he went with only the necessities.  Nothing fun.  We will see how much comes home.  

Bedtime, like the actual time is our big challenge these days.  When Charley was his age he was in bed by 7.  This kid has an older brother who stays up a bit which means he has been staying up.  But, both boys are slowly settling in earlier and earlier.  They need it.  But he resists.  Too much. 

More soon!  Things are calming down here and I am on the road to more balance.  I can feel it. 


Grandma Charlie said...

Grandma Charlie is so proud of you Henry!

Raina and Andy said...

Love all Henry details! Get some sleep kiddo! Rr


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