Thursday, October 2, 2014

three things.

Everyday when the boys jump out of the car at school drop off I shout some random little things to them.  To Henry I say "Eat your lunch."  But mostly, I always say:

"Hey boys!  Be kind.  Work hard.  Say thank you."

Today I made it to the gym.  I did it right after I dropped Syd off at preschool.  I didn't stop at home first.  I knew if I did I wouldn't get there.  It is pouring rain.  HARD.  But I still went.  Even though a quiet house and an afternoon cup of coffee sounded amazing.  But, I did it.  I just walked 2 miles on a treadmill.  But I got there.  And it is a start.  One of the things that motivated me was my friend gave me a link to something she heard at her church last weekend.  So I listened while I walked.  It was about parenting.  

It talked about the end game.  And having a plan and parenting with a purpose.  It asked us to think about what we want for the end game.  And I immediately thought of those three things I say to my kids as they pop out of the car.  

There are so many adjectives I want to instill in my children.  But consistently, these are the three that I say when they leave me to go play somewhere, participate in an activity, or head off to school. 

I want them to be kind.
I want them to work hard. 
I want them to have grace.  

What are three things that are important to you when it comes to looking to the future and what you instill in your children?

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Raina and Andy said...

I should remind eli to say thank you. Being more specific might help. I always say use your manners which I know he knows but I'll try to be more specific. I think I change why I say each day. I thunk it comes out something like "have fun. I love you. Be nice to a new friend. Listen to teachers and keep yor hands to yourself". Haha. That's probsbly overload. I should focus on 3 specific things. Interesting about henry andunch. Eli has same exact problem. Tell me when hen does hit lunch. I'll see if eli wants to do it too and we can compare "details" we get from them. Rr


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