Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reading lights to invest in!

How many fancy book lights have you purchased...only to have them break or flake out on you.  I grew up getting reading lights...probably every Christmas.  Always excited that we found the right one.  Luckily, we found our solution and I think Aunt Sara has given most of us our reading lights for Christmas.  Syd is the only one who doesn't have one, but it is important to give it at the right time.  Too early and you will cause a bedtime problem.  

The best book light you can find is a headlamp flashlight.  You wear it.  It works great.  They are sturdy and can be dropped or sat on.  They work great for other things but, in our house, they are used by all of us at night when we read.  When I tell people this they always laugh and ask me to take a picture of Ed and I, side by side, in bed reading our own books.  Hilarious I am sure.  But it works!  Put it on your kiddo's Christmas list.  Put one on your list.  And if you are a parent of a new baby...some of us in our house have fancy ones that have things you can flip down to dim the light...wouldn't this work great for diaper changes in the middle of the night!  


Anonymous said...

I use mine religiously! I have had it for years and use it to write in my diary at night before bed. I also use it when I get up at night to go to the bathroom and when a child wanders in who needs something I help lead them back to their room with it. I have used it for all 4 of my kids to change diapers at night and when I would nurse them at night I would put it on and read my book! LOVE it and would be lost without it. Jamie Trampe

Anonymous said...

We all have them, too. My extended family chuckles seeing me head to bed all "miner style" ready to read in a bunkhouse filled with already sleeping children or set to sneak in a few quiet morning magazine minutes in a hotel room when my roommates are still snoring. The best! I don't care how goofy we look. Function over fashion--most of the time. ;)

Amy M.

Raina and Andy said...

My image of Ed at the cottage is him walking around with his head lamp on with a book under his arm while the kids are getting ready for bed. I totally used this for every diaper change in the middle of the night! Wonder when Eli will be ready for that. Rr


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