Friday, June 6, 2014

In case you needed an excuse....

It's National Donut Day...from what I hear.  

This morning we had to go to Target for Syd's necessary "smoothie" drinks.  And Henry had some money burning a hole in his pocket.  This mama has a heavy heart watching him spend his money on a large box of Pokemon cards.  I don't get it.  And I know how hard they work and how long it takes them to save up decent amounts of money and to watch him spend it this morning was hard.  But, we are trying to let them experience money in the earn and spend and no longer have it reality.  And it is hard.  We will add in there the idea of saving for the long term too.  But, I know the lessons with saving and spending will be vital to them in figuring out who they are and their relationship with money.  

It is amazing how every mama I talk to is constantly pondering this money thing with their kids.  Allowances and how much control we give them and at what age.  No one has it completely figured out...and if they do, they admit that it has taken many strategies and they don't always work for each child or for the long haul.  

It is also amazing how each child is naturally a saver or a spender or a little in between.  Some kids save and need encouragement that it is okay to spend it.  And some kids (like both of mine, sigh) want to spend it as soon as they have it.  I know Ed is shaking his head because he knows me (big deep sigh)....I am hoping a little of Ed's smart money traits are instilled in these boys as they grow.   

One thing I know...when little brother has some money to burn and big brother doesn't....and I point out he has so many opportunities to do things and offer up tasks and he falls apart saying "It's just too hard"  I think there is a really big lesson being learned, well hopefully....eventually.  This summer is going to be a summer of getting their lazy butts moving on helping out around here. 

P.S.  Quiet time is rocking my life right now!  Best. decision. ever.  For all of us. 


Raina and Andy said...

Glad Henry had that big ol donut. He's looking so old and slim. Wish I could partake easily in this exciting day. Rr

Anonymous said...

The money thing is hard. This year as our kids save/collect/earn money we have them put it in their vacation wallet, for later in the summer. Like you I hate to see them spend it all on gum. There is always something fun they want on vacation...treats from the candy store mostly. But I'm hoping they can learn a little about saving, at least on the short term,


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