Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where are we?

Quieting the noises.
Slowing down. 
I keep saying things will.  
I keep trying to slow down. 
But life just keeps hammering us with all good things.  all good things. 

Henry is ready for first grade.  He is testing his power here at home and is ready for the challenge.  He is enjoying the act of antagonizing his brother and sister.  He looks forward to soccer practice but, is still very timid out there.  When he plays with his brother in the yard it becomes a tackle football game instead of soccer.  I try to tell him to pretend he is out there with 8 Charleys!  He is reading more.  He is writing more.  He is ready to plant flowers and ride bikes.  He is all boy with his lazy bathing attitude and stinky feet.  He is joy.  

 Everyone is looking bigger than ever.  I think I keep snapping thinking that if I capture the moments and freeze them in my camera...they won't keep trucking along and growing up.  I mean, I let Charley out of the car in the morning and he looks to be racing us, running as we pull forward...and then I see this huge grin as he puts his arm around his buddy in a Good morning hello!  He does wave to us too.  He is happy heading off to lead his life.

Sydney is her spunky self.  Standing at the door yelling to the neighbor dog.  "HI DOTTIE!"  
Demanding "smoothies" and snacks.  Wearing her sparkle shoes or her Callie boots.  Enjoying cartoons, playing mom in her clicky shoes, still running around at home without pants on most of the time.  Definitely potty trained.  Like a champ.  Nights and days conquered.  She tells people about preschool.  She sits in swimming lessons so proud and progressing....the idea that all my kids might be independent at the pool, someday, is starting to become something that is comprehendible.  

I want to blog.  I have thoughts all day.  I snap pictures all the time.  I just am so busy living it...I haven't had time to document it.  I am a better mom when I do.  I am going to work it back in.  I am going to keep saying it.  And eventually, it will happen.  What in your life are you struggling to fit in?

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