Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And snap......

Nothing like another kiddo graduating from Kindergarten to remind a mama who loves to blog to get her arse in gear and keep documenting these moments for our family, because time isn't slowing down.  Yesterday, this happened.  His name was the last to be called.  He crossed the stage while his teacher announced, "Henry's favorite part of Kindergarten was gym.  And Henry doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up because there are too many choices."  I kind of loved that after lots of cops, doctors, teachers, mamas, vets, and more....he ended the class with his sweet little answer.  That's my Henry, the thinker.  But he proudly walked across that stage, shook her hand, and graduated.   
Then he joined the class in standing and singing a cute song about growing up.  He sang and did the motions.  HOLY. COW.  I told him he was definitely ready for first grade, given he hasn't participated in a program like that ever!

Then his Principal had all the kids get up their snappers and all the Kindergarteners snapped together. Then she asked them if they knew what just happened.  And this is the moment when she announced they were now FIRST GRADERS! 

I got a little teary, but I think deep down, I know he is ready and excited for the next step.  He is our kiddo that has made such grand leaps each year with his shy personality.  And he is ready, excited, and will do great as a first grader next year!  

Love, you Henry!   


Pat said...

Congrats Henry. First Grade = new adventure!

Grandma Charlie said...

Congratulation Henry. We love you.
Grandma Charlie and Morganw


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