Friday, May 2, 2014

My middle this May

This is my second.  My middle kid.  My white part of the oreo cookie son!

And as I am typing this I hear a jar get set on the table, the mason jar lid spun off, a few little drops onto the table, yep, his little sis has gone into the pantry cupboard and helped herself to chocolate chips.  Sigh. 

That kid up above, he never did that.  He didn't demand much.  These days, he does show more need to have power over his choices and what he is going to do.  BUT, up until this year he was our shy guy, the kid that took my hand in a parking lot without asking, stood nearby me at new places, was content to stay home,  played legos quietly for hours, and devoured his time with his big brother. 

Now he is 6.  He is finishing kindergarten in a couple weeks.  He is hoping to do things this summer with confidence, like all day invention camps.  He asks for playdates and throws tantrums when asked to do certain things.  He is tired.  He should sleep more.  The no naps since 2 1/2 is catching up to him.  Next year will be interesting.  

But as we conquer the month of May this year of 2014, an end of a stay at home with mom era will come to a close for this boy.  He will be off to great places next year.  He will hop out of the car  with his big brother, trudge up the walk to school, wave goodbye (hopefully) and have a fantastic full day in a world that I will only catch glimpses of.  

For now, I am going to stick a note to my forehead so I don't forget, to relish each day this month.  With this middle brother and this little sister.  Two very different little people who keep each other so happy and content most afternoons.  It may be a month to let the tidying up go and plunk down outside to watch him ride bikes for a few bonus moments.  It might be the month to make him sit down and read a bit more with me...outside, on a blanket, in the sunshine.  It might be a month to go out to lunch, his choice.  It might be a month to go have lunch with dad or schedule a playdate where big brother isn't around to impact the play they do.  

He is definitely ready for full day first grade and in so many ways, he isn't.  It is going to wear him out.  He will be tired.  He will be crabby.  And many days I probably won't get to see his best self.  I will see the tired and worn out kiddo returning home from a full day of learning and adventure!  

But for now, we are still in May.  And May will be relished.  And then we will have a summer to enjoy.  A tad longer summer this year in our school district.  My focus these days is on simplifying what we have, teaching ALL of us that we don't always need more, and enjoying the little things in the everyday.  It is so easy to get swept up into the stress of all around - the past, the future, and everything everyone else is doing.  May.  I've got this.  

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Barb said...

I love you Henry!


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