Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's summer!

Today was the last day we walked in to sign out Charley.  And next year this kid down below won't be walking in to pick up Charley.  Instead, he too will be waiting to get picked up!  

Syd is down and out with a cold.  So we were low key this afternoon.  We went to get frozen yogurt where they can add their toppings.   We ate outside.  And relished the fact that we were the only ones there.  

Henry licked every last drop out of his dish!  And how he felt about his ice scream is how I feel about summer.  I want to enjoy it.  I want it to be laid back, go with the flow.  We will go and do when we all are up for it.  We will hunker down when we all need that.  We will spend time as a family.  We will see friends plenty.  But we will relish all the moments of fun, excitement, boredom, and simple.  

One of the first things my mom always did with us was take us to the library to load up on books.  So off we went.  And so much more fun already.  Sydney was engaged in what we were doing and not trying to run out the door.  Every stage is so much fun!  And the library will be more enjoyable this summer.  They all brought home piles.  A grandpa walked by and smiled big at these three all checking out books!  

Now we are lazing about and waiting to hear from daddy!  
Summer is here!  

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