Saturday, April 19, 2014

good morning on a Saturday.

A springy week is ahead.  I can feel it!  Grass is going to green up!
Bikes can be used.  Chalk can decorate your driveway. 
And it was time to buy some watermelon!  

We have some Easter excitement planned for our weekend.  Family and baby holding and yummy food!  Enjoy your holiday weekend.  

We have a horrible habit going on right now with Syd.  We have let her in our bed at super early morning hours in hopes of a bit more sleep.  Now that is turning into 3am pleading to come sleep in by us.  We don't sleep as well when she is kicking around.  To break the habit there will be tantrums...because I have tried this past week.  Stages and phases.  This too shall pass. 

Syd has these Princess tattoos that I gave her for her birthday.  When she wants one she comes and asks for a tutu.  SO CUTE!

Next year both Henry and Charley will be in school all day.  
Um, that will be weird.  Just me and Syd....not sure if this makes me excited or afraid.  

Yesterday we walked/biked to a park.  The boys did great.  I walked/ jogged with Syd in the single jogger.  I just bought a single jogger off of craig's list.  And I just sold our double!  Kind of exciting to be only pushing a solo stroller for a run!  

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Anonymous said...

Biiiig changes next year. Amazing to think about those boys being in school full day. will they be in the same school next year so drop off is just 1 stop? my life will be so different too with Eli in full day school too. yikes. where is time going? RR


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