Friday, April 25, 2014

another quiet week on the blog.

I had a completely overwhelming week.  I did things that pushed me.  That kept me up at night.  That caused our house to be a bit in a disarray.  BUT, I shouldn't have let my confidence get to me.  I did alright and am disappointed that I lost sleep.

On Tuesday I shot my first wedding. It was small.  Very small.  But non the less it was their day.  A day you can't reshoot.  It was full of moments that were meant to be captured and I knew I had to nail them because things don't happen twice during a wedding.  But I think I did okay!  The bride and groom have loved the pictures that I shared with them.  You can go here for a peek.

On Wednesdsay evening I did my first newborn shoot at the hospital.  Baby wasn't even 24 hours old.   Such a different experience than in a family's home.  There too, the mom and dad and many others love the shots I captured.  It was incredibly overwhelming to know that this wonderful family allowed me to come and capture such a special and private time for their family.  So honored.

On Thursday I had a busy day volunteering in Henry's class and then later finally teaching a music lesson on opera for Charley's class.  At the beginning of the year they were looking for a classroom parent to volunteer to come in and teach some music lessons.  I offered...but, have put it off all year because frankly, the materials you are given are super overwhelming.  But, I conquered my first lesson and have been invited to come back yet before the end of the year.  Having been out of the classroom for 6 years, I was intimidated.  But, I think I did okay.

I am starting to believe that this photography thing is real and that I can stop letting my confidence slow me down, keep me up at night, or doubt myself so much.  And what a fun afternoon getting Charley's class singing camp songs like the future opera stars that they are!

The thing I realized this week - taking on challenges that push me and taking a chance on doing something new or intimidating is good for your soul.  It is exhausting, but man alive, it is also so fun to have conquered new things.

A huge thank you to so many friends and family that listen to me and my nerves rambling on and on and on about all of these adventures!  I couldn't have done any of this without your support!

The grass is green.  The sun is shining.  The rain has stopped.  What will you conquer this weekend?

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