Friday, April 18, 2014

A lesson learned while egg dying

The boys are out of school today so we decided this morning would be our morning to color eggs.  Some years we do it at our Aunt Katy's with our cousins.  Some years we have done it outside.  This year it is a tad chilly and it worked best to do them here.  So we set up shop and the kids went to work.  

Syd's personality is confident and she dives right into things as she watches her brothers...but, often is starting while watching.  Almost mirroring them.  So some eggs cracked.  

But for the first time, I pretty much sat back and let them go.  I supervised.  Wiped up messes, reminded firmly not to wander about the house with dripping eggs and spoons.  But for the most part, I didn't have to do much.  Although, my hands are still dyed.  

I know there are all these creative ways you can decorate your eggs.  But I find the more complicated, the more tense I get.  So I made choices that meant that there wasn't any yelling during our egg dying.  They felt freedom and power.  Eggs broke, but it didn't matter.  And Henry said, "This is the best day ever!"  Mission accomplished.  

Henry asked if this was Sydney's first Easter.  I explained it was her third Easter but, probably her first where she is able to anticipate and understand the fun and traditions.  

The egg decorating is done.  But, Syd has been carrying around her favorite egg all morning long.  She has brought it outside, tapped it on things, and constantly says, "DO NOT HATCH" to it.  Yes, slightly loud and firm.  That egg probably won't make it to the Easter hunt.  But, she is happy and busy and carrying for something kindly.  Mission accomplished.  

Lesson today:  In the grand scheme of giving your children life experiences - know yourself.  Be confident in what you can handle.  If making intricatly decorated Easter eggs that look like Angry birds characters or cute crafty ones painted with black chalkboard paint so they can decorate them with chalk and they look like Martha Stewart stopped by - HAVE AT IT!  But if that kind of project will cause crying, yelling, stress, and too much mess....then skip it.  Kids want a happy mom!  The holidays can be so filled with guilt and pressure to give, get, go, experience, and do all these fancy things.  When really a good old Paas dye kit will make them say, "This is the best day ever!"

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Raina and Andy said...

So true.
Love Henry's enthusiasm for holidays. Makes me,smile! Thank you Henry!

That first picture Sydney's face looks,just. Like. Ed.



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