Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rainy morning rambles

Flying solo this weekend.  Ed is off on his annual spring ...probably feels like winter, golf outing.  I hope he is enjoying it even with the cold temps and rain.
We have never had a kid that climbed in bed with us.  There was always a part of me jealous of those parents that had that, but then also a bigger part that was thankful.  I know we get better sleep.  But we do now!  Sydney has been waking in the middle of the night and demands to come in by us.  I have tried to sit or lay in her room and once in awhile it works.  But we unfortunately, allowed it a time or two when in survival mode.  So last night, she came in and since Ed isn't here, not a big deal. Way more room.  But she was throwing a fit because she wanted to "get up and go downstairs."  I may have flipped a bit after a lot of patient attempts at explaining what the middle of the night means.  But then I calmed, and I quietly told her about the lightning flashing and the thunder rolling.  And she simmered.  And we layer watching and listening (well, my eyes were closed).  But soon she was sleeping.  This is a habit we need to break lickety split but, last night it ended just right.  
The boys got some Easter money in the form of a gift card from their grandma.  They are chomping at the bit to go spend it.  On what????  Ed said it is their to spend.  But it frustrates me that I just gave them several HUGE nerf guns that I got from an old friend who was done with them.  So to go buy another seems so silly!  We want to teach them and give them experience with money.  So I guess we will head out to shop today.  But man, it frustrates me.  

However, this morning I heard Henry trying to convince Charley to save his money so they can buy a dog.  Sydney piped in, "Yes, I want a pink one.  that talks."  
It is Sunday. We made pancakes.  We are cozy and enjoying the rainy lazy morning.  I will strategically schedule our run to the toy store to match with the break in the rain.  Sigh.  Otherwise it is a lazy, at home Sunday.  

I am caught up on photography editing for clients.  So I am going to try and get to my Easter pictures.  And will do better with blogging this week.  Stay tuned.  


Barb said...

Wondering what everyone purchased at the store today? Thought it might be time to tell Henry how much dogs cost. Loved Syd's input to the max. Hope Ed made it home safe and had a fun weekend with the guys.

Anonymous said...

you still amaze me how you can rock a solo weekend without a bat of an eye. go you. glad you had some cozy time and sorry you went out in the rain a few times.

can't wait to see some of your easter pictures!!

MOMOF2 said...

We did lazy Sunday nice!! We used to have a visitor in the middle of the night too. We put her sleeping bag next to our bed and told her she could come in if she needed to and sleep there but not in our bed. Lasted for a couple of weeks and then sleep for her in her own bed just fell back into place. Good luck!!!


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