Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a summer goal

This little bird stopped napping WAY too early.  
The loss of nap has impacted our eating, my blogging, exercise, Henry's one on one time, and much more.  She stopped by the age of two.  She is three.  She is still too early to not be watched or entertained and sadly, I never kept a quiet time where she had to stay in her room and play or look at books.  BIG REGRET!  So this summer, quiet time will be something I am going to focus on.  ALL three will have a half hour or more of quiet time in the afternoon.  She will see her boys taking part and this will be important.  And, when summer ends....Syd's quiet time will NOT end.  And my sister will make sure I prioritize what happens during the quiet time.  Meal planning, blogging, closing my eyes, exercise, a shower, putting away laundry, cleaning up MY bedroom, calling a friend, calling the doctor's office, editing pictures, sitting and staring at the wall.  But there will be a routine quiet time that will give us all a little break.  Because this no break thing has impacted all of us. Including our sweet and sassy little beauty.  

I am stating this so that my close friends can remind me and ask how this is going.  Thank you ahead of time.


Jessica said...

My daughter stopped napping at 2 also. I would not have survived without quiet time. YOU CAN DO IT! It is such a blessing. JG (RR's friend)

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Jessica, Raina actually said you have an amazing quiet time routine going on there! I may need advice!

The Tompkins Family said...

Quiet time is your friend. It's everyone's friend. I know some people feel guilty about enforcing it but I find that it's not only beneficial for me, but for them. They are recharged and ready for the rest of the day. Good luck!!


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