Thursday, April 17, 2014

spring WAS here. sigh

Spring did show up the other day.  And we got out the bikes.  And everyone was happy.


then it snowed AGAIN.  But not too much.  And this weekend the temps should rise again.  
BUT, one thing I HATE about this time of year is the mood swings that Mother Nature pulls on us.  And I can handle them fine...but it is the kids that don't understand that one day can be shorts or no jackets and the next is hats, mittens, and winter gear AGAIN.  And Miss Syd now remembers what flip flops, shorts, swimsuits, and free and easy leaving the house moments feel like.  

I want her to understand that I get it.  It is SO much more fun to leave the house without zipping, buttoning, digging for lost mittens, and bulky jackets.  But it is part of the experience and it makes us all appreciate spring and sunshine and decent temperatures so much more.  Right?  

So soon enough big brother and little sis will be wandering about again.  Looking for treasures and claiming our quiet street with their hot wheels and sunshiny smiles.  
And soon enough, I will be back in the mode of turning off the inside to do list and will wander the yard, catching some rays, applying bandaids and feel better back rubs.  

Spring will arrive!  And all will be well. 

The biggest brother in the house got some new wheels last night.  Dad is picking them up tonight.  I am guessing that even if he has to wear mittens and his ski face mask...Charley will take his new wheels out for a spin!  He is VERY excited to have gears!  Cracks me up!  

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