Monday, April 14, 2014

filling everyone's cup

Trying to look ahead at our week and mix the right amount of everything.  Everyone needs their cups filled this week.  The goal will be to fill everyone's cup enough that no one is breaking down or freaking out.  Impossible, but a good goal.  

One way to work to achieve this goal is to take a quiet minute, think ahead at the hour, day, and week, and identity how all those cups fill up.  Some need hugs, conversations, snacks, eye contact, math fact practice, a cup of coffee, a text or email, a birthday balloon, a craft with mom, bike shopping with dad, a workout, a new pair of shoes, a cartoon,  laundry done, or a smile.  

How will you fill YOUR cup today?


Barb said...

I love seeing Henry experimenting. Does he enjoy it? I filled my cup by being organized this morning, being productive at work today, returning library books timely, and making a healthy spaghetti supper, salad and cantaloupe. Sweet dreams everyone!

Raina and Andy said...

jelly beans in my purse. RR


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