Thursday, March 6, 2014

These two things happened yesterday.

Yesterday Henry had a ski lesson.  The weather was finally beautiful so, Syd and I thought we would tag along to watch too.  Ed arrived home and got himself ready, but Henry rode in our car.  Ed drove separately to the hill since we would leave before them and return with Charley later.

We meet Ed in the parking lot and walked into the ski school building all together.

As we are standing in the entry way, waiting in line to check in Henry.  Syd spots a canvas bag that looks similar to mine and says, "Mama, she has same bag!"  Ed and I chuckle.  The observations of a three year old.  We are still waiting and Ed is now putting Henry's helmet on him and Syd is standing there watching and says, "Is that daddy?"  she pauses and looks at him and then me and asks again, "Mama, is that daddy?"  HAHAHA!  She can match a bag, but she had to ask twice if that was daddy.  When I finally answered, "Yes!  That's daddy!"  She did her, "OH! HAAAAA!" obnoxious big smile laugh.

Hilarious girl!

Soon after...this happened!

And my heart stopped!  This kid is racing on Saturday!  Holy cow!

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