Friday, March 7, 2014


It's Friday!  This was the fastest moment of me and my girl's Friday!  
She had a runny nose...and I just was tired.  So we skipped her class and did puzzles, made menus by cutting out pictures of food and glueing them onto paper, and organized her play kitchen.  

Henry and I sat and worked on school stuff.  Once I had him going, we flew!  Ed and I are realizing that we have to win here.  We are going to have to back each other up, pep talk each other, and remind each other to be firm.  Math facts must be practiced.  Homework done before there is playtime.  They have been scamming us with lots of whining...resulting in delays and eventually rushed mornings where mama is yelling and kids are crying.  

So this weekend we will be resuming family meetings.  Simplifying and cranking out some goals.  
I have three photo shoots tomorrow!  CRAZY!  And that means I slept like poo last night because, the nights before shoots always mean I am nervous and excited and racking my brain for ideas.  I am visualizing what might come out of a shoot...but, because of how I shoot...I go in very blind to the setting.  I have no idea of the light or the decor or the personalities of the people or home.  I do send them a note with many questions that give me a great glimpse.  But, I am still pushed SO hard when I go on shoots.  I am excited to meet new people, people who are sharing with me their homes.  They often share their story with baby arrived, how they met, and more.  Conversations evolve around pieces of furniture, items, or pictures around their house.  And I walk away, having felt like I became their friend and part of their family for that short time.  And then I go home and spend HOURS looking so closely at each picture and finishing it up...the part of the photo shoot experience that I didn't realize happened.  And so with all of this... they do become friends, whether they hire me again or not.  What an awesome experience.  But sleep....yes, sleep, I need it tonight.  

Tomorrow...a 9 month old little lady and her mom and dad.
A family and their oreo eating ritual.
And a mama with a baby belly...and a whole lot of excitement, I am sure.  

What an adventure.

And HUGE shout out to the amazing man who will love up the small tribe so I can go do all this tomorrow.  Without him telling me to go for it.  Without him telling me he believes in me and this journey...well, it wouldn't be possible.  
Tonight the boys are at the ski hill practicing.  Both boys are racing on Sunday.  It is a race where kids can try it out to see if they are interested in joining the team next year.  Mr. Henry was invited to race after his last lesson!  So we will spend our Sunday at the hill!  We haven't been able to convince Miss Syd to put on the gear, and it is way too complicated to force it.  We are crossing our fingers that mild temps next Wednesday will mean she gives it a go!  

Anyone out there!  What are you going to relish this weekend?


Kristen @ Motherese said...

I hope the photo shoots went great. I'm so inspired to hear about you following your dreams, all with the support of your main man. Awesome!

P.S. I love Syd's pink cowgirl boots! My daughter would love them too!

Anonymous said...

ok it's been 10 days. waiting for all those posts you had in mind. :) how abouta post about potty training and sleeping in her big girl bed! how did last night go? RR


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