Friday, March 28, 2014


It is Friday and I woke up feeling more myself today than I have in a long time.  
Maybe it is the sun and the possibility that spring may arrive for a few hours on Sunday with a weather prediction of  60 degrees!  WHAT!?  I just wish Mother Nature wouldn't show off and would rather take spring slow and steady with the goal of always improving...not backsliding two days later.  Sigh.  

We have had a pretty go go go spring break!  We made the trek to my parents.  Ed met us there for the weekend thanks to some business travel that had him in the area.  We saw cousins on both sides of the family and had adventures at Lego Land near Chicago and skiing on a new ski hill.  The kids and I spent a night at a hotel with my mom and I.  I got to go out to dinner with Ed without paying for a babysitter (thanks mom and dad!) and I got a girls dinner with my mom and sister (Thanks Ed for putting 4 kids to bed).  The kids hung out at grandmas, visited the library, watched movies, walked around the block, played games, slept well, ate well, and were sad to leave.  Both rides went smooth.  And now today, I am vowing to stay home most of the least for the morning.  

I always like to start the weekend off with a picked up house.  Which I know will be tricky to win at with three home all day.  BUT, with spring around the corner, I am feeling a burst to purge and organize.  I bought more veggies and fruit yesterday at the store.  Made it to the gym this morning and am vowing for consistency now. 

I have three shoots this weekend.  And for the first time I am feeling more confident than least at the moment.  Last night we met with our tax guy and got some info on this whole starting a business thing.  HUGE learning curve for both Ed and I.  A tad exciting and a tad overwhelming.  The whole thing amazes me since I never really thought I would be taking photography to a different level.  If you want to see a glimpse at what I am doing you can go here.  My style of photography is a natural and real capture of a family's life.  Not so posed and using only using props that are authentic to the family.  Everything in the picture is part of their life. 

Sydney is basically potty trained...when she is up for it.  She wore underwear all day yesterday.  Went to a friends and Target and didn't have any accidents.  She poops and pees on the real potty with no hesitancy.  HOWEVER, to show her power, she wakes up this morning and demands a diaper for an hour.  But then soon switches back to underwear.  She got adorable girl superhero underwear from her cousin Grace and family.  They are super cute.  Can't wait to capture her little self in those!  

Life is good!  And thanks to those that commented on yesterday's post!  Motivates me to write whether you agree or disagree, I love when there is a feeling of conversation and community. 

Soak up your weekend!  Make time for your family and for yourself.  

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