Friday, March 28, 2014

Taking a leap of faith and sharing some inner stresses

This is a hard one to share.  But I think if I do...I might get real with these goals and tackle a few more seriously.  I know I overthink things and am doing a lot of great things over here.  BUT, there are things I put more effort into at different stages of my life and it is frustrating when I see too many that I used to invest time into and it makes me feel way off balance.  My sister said, write down your goals and sure them with her and maybe that would help make the first step to finding more balance.

Goals I know that would benefit my life.  And I know they would help but I still don't follow through with them too often or consistently.   Basically, when you read this you can see the reality here is not all roses and pictures that show a perfect life.  There is so much chaos.  So much disorganization.  So much flying by the seat of our pants.  Life with a small tribe of three, a husband that works long hours, no family anywhere close enough to pop in for backup, a 3 year old that hasn't napped in almost a year, and a winter that just keeps dragging on.....just more excuses to the choas.  Can you tell that my ride home was a tad overwhelming.

Make a doctor appointment for ME.  Take care of myself.

My boys beg for family meetings and I keep putting them off.  SOMEDAY I will be regretting not taking every. single. opportunity to establish this talk time.

Drinking water always makes me feel better.  It doesn't take much work.

Getting up and going to the gym in the morning has me waking for ME!  I get to do something for myself and I always eat better, drink water, sleep better, and am happier all around.

Getting off the computer and getting shit done.  Seriously.  Facebook...time suck.  My sister says get it off my phone.  Possibly...maybe I should try it for a week.

Going to bed before 10.

Eat out less.

Turning off screens a half hour before bed and reading or making a list of all that I did and all that I want to do so it isn't weighing on my mind.

Blogging again more consistently.  It makes me a better makes me aware of my choices, makes me slow down, allows me to reflect, and inspires me to do things like crafts and games.

Ruling this roost when it comes to chores and homework...they are never going to offer or jump for joy at these requests...but, someday I will send them off to the real world knowing I did my best.  The battle through the whines will be worth it.  I know that.  I just fail and weaken and do what is easy - far too much.  And then I feel like a failure.

Sit down and play with Syd.  I used to play so much with Charley and with Henry...but now that they have each other and the laundry is piled for a family of five, the mess is for five, and the food is for five...and let's be honest the screen distractions are far more tempting...well, she is busy and content all day long...just not playing store or house WITH me.  And I don't need to play all day...but, more often and less distracted for little chunks of time.

Parking further from away in a parking lot to get more walks.

Slowing down and taking the time to close cupboard doors, put laundry away, and finish tasks that take 5 minutes instead of putting them off.

Blogging more and facebooking less.  Feeling like an over sharer on there and want to cool it.

Get the kids outside EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  We walked the block at my moms...why don't we do that here?

Meal planning.  We eat better when I plan.  We save money on groceries when I plan.  It has been a long time since I meal planned and tackled a new recipe.

Make the kids pick up their bedrooms.

Stay downstairs after the kids are in bed to watch a show, crush candy, work on photography, or hang out near Ed.  He comes home from work, eats dinner, enjoys the kids and then I put syd down and crawl into bed.  By the time he comes out from putting the boys down...he finally gets to relax downstairs...and I am no where to be found...most nights.   I on the other hand find peace upstairs away from the mess or the looming to dos.

Play a board game with Ed, watch a movie, make a late dinner with him.  We have been doing date nights a lot but the babysitting fees are starting to get too be too much.  Simplify but still invest in our marriage.

Make time and force Ed to work on the bathroom.  I know he just needs a push.

Make MY bed.  Can't make the kids do that if I don't do it.

Wipe down the base of the toilet and the sink daily.  Two boys and a newly potty trained girl means...things need to sparkle.  For real.   That girl is touching EVERYthing.  Ewwww.

Get out the snacks that aren't doing good things for our bodies.

Eat breakfast.

Not pour the glass of wine or beer during the week.  I NEVER finish it.  Ed always is annoyed that it sits there with only a few sips.

Play more family games...teaches so much.

Contact friends who I haven't seen or talked to and get together with them.

Follow through when Jessie plans to meet me at the gym.

Stop being paranoid and be confident in the choices I make and the ways I choose establish our family's "normal".

Coupon a little.

Take my vitamins.

Sit down with Ed to discuss our budget, I know so little.

Make time for the photography business instead of squeezing it in.  I would be much more productive.

Make it to library story time.  It is valuable.

Turn library books in on time.  There is no excuse.

Make family movie night more routine.  So many fun movies to start enjoying with the boys.

Use the gym daycare for the mornings I can't get is there and the kids can enjoy it or survive it.

Seriously, Henry just walked up and said, "Let's plan a family meeting for each night of the week and we can have a folder for each night so we can plan it."  And Charley came over and said, "I want to write a report on somewhere in the world."   See....the opportunity is incredible...I just need to ACT and take advantage of their spirit.  And a huge solution to all of these is just slowing down.

So...feeling vulnerable sharing all these goals...what things do you know would improve your life but, you drag your feet and put them off or fail on doing them consistently.  Would LOVE to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

I can relate to almost everything on your to do list!!! Looking forward to summer to no more homework, routine and schedule---well routine we will have but much less busy and quality time spent with my kids, hang in there!!! Let's keep each other accountable that helps sooo much!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Love the list. I have so many things to work on. Exercising consistently drinking more water rt there with you. I find I have to pick a few to work on otherwise I get overwhelmed. Trying to be content, focusing on family time lately.

shellycoulter said...

So much of this could be my list! I think I will make my own list tonight!!

The boys have a playdate over. Which is nice to have a moment to sit by myself and just listen to them play. Maybe I will make that list now! :)


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