Thursday, March 27, 2014

I know this much is true....{Post 1: Road trips}

 Many hours in the car had me thinking about life.  Blogging, photography, family....and the thoughts got overwhelming.  And mid road trip I sent my sister a message to email me the phrase "I know this much is true."  So today kicks off a weekly series where I will reflect on some small and probably insignificant revelation...probably about parenting but possibly just about life.  

 So today, I think about my personality and how, even when Charley was a babe, I wasn't afraid to travel alone with him.  I think my mom flew here one time to travel back to her house with me...quite possible - she is awesome like that.  BUT, in most instances, I have conquered road trips with my small tribe of 1, 2, and now 3.  And I know this to be true...

When I am a passenger and Ed is the driver - the kids feel I am there to answer their whines, pass out snacks, make fun where little fun can be found at times on a long ride...but when I travel alone with them they know I am driving and that it is important that they are calm and I can't be distracted.  So they deal.  They are often better than when we are a family of five on the road. We often can do a long drive with no stops..well, maybe just for gas.  

I also know that as a stay at home mom, my home is my office and there is no escaping this space.  I don't get to commute home and take off my jacket and shoes and sigh deeply, content to be home.  I am always here.  Weekends and weekdays can flow into each other...routines stay the same, for the most part.  So taking my crew on a little adventure for a few days brings excitement to return to our own stomping grounds, inspiration to clean and organize, and appreciation for what little routine it sometimes feels like we have.  Everyone sleeps better in their own beds, right?  

I know that during our adventures I can sometimes feel so overwhelmed and crabby at times, planning, making sure we have things to do, and everyone is safe and having a good time...but, when I look back at pictures I am reminded of how less distracted I was during those few days away with them.  Not worried about the house stuff.  Just enjoying the wandering of hotel hallways, chatting during meals out,   hearing them breathe in their sleep because we share sleep spaces, and peeking back at them in the rearview mirror  seeing them all smiling at a movie.

It is hard and it is sad to go without daddy.  We miss him and I of course would always opt to have him along as co-pilot in these adventures.  But I know he loves hearing of our adventures and he knows how these little solo trips can revitalize me.  So he encourages me and cheers us on.  I am so blessed.  

I know this much is a mama who loves a challenge, solo trips with my small tribe always reminds me of what is important.  I am proud to conquer adventures whether day trips, hour long outings, or 6 hour rides to grandmas.  No regrets.  EVER.


The Tompkins Family said...

Yes! I love this post. I didn't always have the courage to travel alone but a couple of years ago I started and I just love it. It's nice not to have to wait for
Shawn to be able to take precious vacation time to go somewhere. We miss him, of course, but we get a change of scenery and he gets some alone time (and some time to work on projects I've left for him!).

jessica said...

Awesome post! I could relate to everything! My kids too are always better when it is just me driving!


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