Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I am caught up on my photography editing for my "business"...so weird to say that.  
And my focus on the next week and a half is going to be on blogging.  I know I said I was back and then I took 10 days off.  How annoying.  

This morning Syd spent some time at Ms. Shannon's and I got SO MUCH done in the quiet of my house with a handful of skittles.  Now I can turn my focus to getting back to telling our family's story...something that has been put on the side burner for far too long.  I haven't been reading blogs.  I haven't been writing them.  And blogging makes me a better mom.  So for the next week and a half...hold me accountable!  Email me if you don't see something!  I need a push!  I have SO much to catch up on here.  I started this place for my kids and I need to start there.  So updates are coming...so many fun things have been happening!  

And some much needed family time is ahead!  I am looking forward to some spring small tribe travels!  

More soon!  Any topics you want rambles on?  Anyone out there?  I think I ask this every two weeks and then I go silent!  

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