Sunday, March 30, 2014

I love. this.

One of my favorite stages...the new to underwear stage.  There is a window in time where you are completely adorable and completely carefree wearing nothing but super cute underwear.  Syd has hit it.  I am soaking it up.  Ferociously!   

What about the stage you are at  are you soaking up right now!?


Anonymous said...

I am soaking up the "new found freedom" stage--and I mean for us parents! Our 3 are at the stage where they play nicely together with far less parental supervision and guidance. This means they were in the hotel pool without us getting wet. This means we ran an errand without them all coming along. This means they bike to a friend's without accompaniment. Yet, they still enjoy each other and us (mostly). As their independence grows, they will do those things, but won't want us anywhere near. So, for now, I am treasuring this stage! ~ Amy M.

CanadianMama said...

Haha too cute! My little is so into only wearing undies lately too. Nothing is cuter than toddler buns in undies :)


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