Sunday, March 23, 2014

Syd hits the slopes!

A week or so ago, Grandpa Ed and Grandma Charlie stopped in on their way home from Hawaii.  We took them to the ski hill so that Grandpa could see some ski action.  Grandpa Ed was a REALLY good .  

Raising Ed a skier was one of the things they conquered as parents.  And Ed too was a great skier ...making it to state in high school and he still has a passion for the slopes.  With Charley on the ski team this year, I saw Ed in his element...skiing with his boys often.  And then, this finally happened...he hit the slopes with ALL three.   Miss Syd finally was ready and willing!  And she loved it!  

And so special that Grandma and Grandpa were there to see it.  

We recently watched a video of Charley's first ski adventures and I am heard squealing and crying and very overwhelmed by the whole event.  Obviously, we were on kiddo three because this time around I was calm and confident...granted she stuck to the ski hill and was with dad the whole time.  Might get a bigger reaction when I see her coming down on her year :)

Way to go Syd!  Charley hit the slopes at age 5.  Henry at age 4.  Syd at age 3!  Amazing to a non-ski mama.  Love that they have this to share with their dad.  

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Raina and Andy said...

Soooo proud of syd and you! Rr


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