Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring break blogging ....

Vowing to post without editing pictures or making things a big production!  I just want to get back in the habit of visiting this space!  Yesterday we picked up Charley from school a tad early and drove almost 7 hours to my moms.  We stopped to get gas...only I got out of the car.  This mama has them trained SO well.  hahaha!  We got here, had a snack, ran around the house for a few, and then curled up for sleep.   This morning Grandma made us french toast, we lazed around in PJs, ran to a local friend's house to borrow a jacket for Syd...since her jacket is probably laying by the front door at home, and then had lunch with grandma.  We dropped her off for an appointment and then went and explored one of her cute libraries.  Daddy surprised us by walking in.  He had work travels and is doing a stop in for the weekend. And our day continues to be lazy and content.  

Miss Syd is on her first weekend away with her sleeping bag!  She did great falling asleep and continued to sleep until 6:44 this morning.  I feel like I am living some other mama's life.  All three kids have consistently slept til 6:15 or LATER since daylight savings (the boys have been sleeping til after 7!).  HOLY COW!  I was almost regretting making this trek, thinking it would all end.  But so far, so good. 


Tonight, Ed and I are going on a date - without a babysitting fee.  SUCH A GIFT!  We have been making date nights a priority and think of the babysitter splurge an investment into our marriage.  But what a treat to not be looking at the clock calculating how much we have to fork over on top of the date expenses.  

So....when you have a night to go out to dinner without kids...where do you love to go?  

I would love to get a little action on here so if you have a moment leave your answer in the comments here or on my facebook For the Love of Naps page!  Makes me blog more :)  


Stacey said...

Date night? What's that? :) I would like to spend some time with my hubby at a nice restaurant, probably a steak house, and then go to a grown up movie. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lynelle said...

How can your kids go 7 hours without going to the bathroom?

I also read that last part that you would love to get a little action after date night. :0. Had to reread it. Ha

Our date night consists of sitting In the den watching tv. Good job making it a priority.

Raina and Andy said...

Thanks for letting us join u to Lego land! Cute pics in library. Rr

Anonymous said...

Our last date night was at a local winery. We weren't sure what to expect, but it was so much fun. Also, we've gone ice skating ( outdoors and indoors). I try hard to not just settle for going to a movie. After all we can sit at home and not talk to each other for free :). Once the weather warms up we are looking forward to our local minor league baseball team, summer festivals, roller blading, etc.



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