Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some rambles over a burger and fries

My girl and I went scouting out photo locations one day.  And then we had lunch.  When I asked Miss Syd what she wanted for lunch she said, "I want a BIG burger."  Huge emphasis on the BIG.  She was adamant that she wanted a burger.  So we went for a burger.  
And we waited. 

And waited....

And then it arrived. 

And then there may have been a shy moment of hesitation as she realized it really was a BIG burger.  

But then the game of Syd vs the hamburger ...Miss Syd got rid of that silly bun and took care of that burger.  BAM!  

Today is a day when I dig deep for the patience and energy to make a solo road trip with my small tribe a success.  We will pack up the car.  We will pack up a bag of snacks.  We have a new movie to watch.  Music to play.  And the excitement of arriving at Grandma's house.  All three kiddos now understand where we are going and the excitement that awaits them there.  So long car rides are a tad easier.  Last summer I really pulled back on the solo travel - Syd wasn't an ideal traveller.  But we have hit a new stage and I think we will be ready for trips again this summer that will lead to awesome adventures whether just local trips or trips to grandma's house.

We are leaving later in the day than what I prefer.  BUT, an afternoon coffee and a calm departure should get us there with smiles....I hope:)  

I LOVED this link and happened to post it on Facebook and it timed perfectly for some mama friends...although, good or bad day...I think this post can hit home for any mama in the trenches!  I am going to read it again today and then we are going to take to the road.  And savor the roller coaster moments that arise!  BRING IT!  


Shannon said...

This made me smile. I am looking forward to the future when road trips get easier (my youngest an infant and my oldest is 5). Good luck on yours!

Raina and Andy said...

Going out for a burger with syd is on my to do list, rr


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