Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Last minute playdate this afternoon for Charley.  We never do this...but, I think I need to make more of an effort with the school switch.  Strengthen some connections.  

Syd is in her leotard.  Friend arrives.  Syd is all up in his face telling him about her girl puzzles.  I tell Charley they can go play up in his room....she announces she wants to play too.  Off they go.  

Amazing thing...Charley puts up with her shenanigans.  

She comes down...I am trying to make meatloaf. 
(P.S. In the game of Me vs Tuesday....I am winning at today.)

She asks: Mom can I have some almonds?
Mom:  Sure, a few.
Sydney:  Okay, I'm taking them upstairs. 
Mom:  We don't take nuts upstairs.
Sydney:  These are NOT nuts.
Mom:  Yes, they are.  You are also a nut.
Sydney:  I know.

What's for dinner?

Truth:  I had to tell Charley's friend if he needs to use the bathroom...he should come down and use this one because, the one upstairs is a mess.  Just keeping' it real.   Back to the meatloaf.

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