Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A glimpse at their "now"

First Child

Yesterday, when I picked up Charley a female classmate of his walked up before he did.  She proudly held this huge beautiful snowflake made out of multiple pieces of paper that had been cut and folded. She proudly held it out to her mom - carrying it careful so it made it home...since it probably hung from the classroom ceiling and with spring arriving, anyway now, they no longer wanted these gorgeous snowflakes hanging up anymore.  

As Charley walked up, I excitedly looked to see if we would get one of these gorgeous snowflakes.  No such luck.  But later, Henry came out of our laundry room where backpacks are dropped and held up this mess and said with a puzzled voice, "What's this????"....

 And THAT my friends is the difference between a third grade girl and a third grade boy bringing home their work.  Charley didn't understand my long, sad sigh.  He responded, "What????  It was in my backpack."  

Second Child

This is the leprechaun that he brought home from school yesterday. 
How cute is that?!  He came home so excited to share the shenanigans that the little green Irish merry makers did in his classroom...glitter messes, furniture mishaps, and little green footprints.  He is my holiday loving boy.  

Third Child

Over the weekend we took down the toddler bed that I thought might spur potty training.  Ed totally unassembled it.  To move to the basement.  An hour later...she informed him he could take down the crib and she wanted that bed.  Then she would put on underwear.  So he said okay.  I burst into tears but, pulled it together quickly.  And so the crib is now in multiple pieces in our basement.   The transition for our girl has been great!  This girl's life has been full of firsts!  More coming!

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