Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Henry's first race!

Recently, Henry got to give ski racing a try.  The last race of the year is set up so that future racers can give it a try to see if they want to commit next year.  At Henry's last lesson the instructor said he was ready.  So he signed up.  It just so happened that Ed got roped into writing down times so he was up with the team when I arrived at the hill.  I watched him come down and cheered.  

But his first race down was filled with emotion.  I think he was a tad overwhelmed with the whole at the bottom of the hill, the waiting, coming down by himself with everyone watching, mama cheering...everything.  

He spoke with the coach at the bottom of the hill.  Then came over and he fell apart.  BUT, he told me to have dad find him at the top of the hill and off he went to ride the chair lift.  ALONE.  I was so impressed.  The 2013 Henry would have probably been done.  But the 2014 Henry went up the hill and waited for Daddy...who handed over the recording pen to me and made his way up to check in.  

The rest of the day this kid raced like the rest of the kids.  Full of confidence and pretty good speed for his first try!  Soooo very proud of him!  

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Raina and Andy said...

Wow. When you said emotion and showed me 1 or 2 pics before I didn't get it as much as these shots actually show his emotion. He is so speciala nd I am really proud of him. Rr


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