Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Project 365 so far

To music...a yummy song to me!

For New Years I decided my one thing for 2014 was going to do a picture a day challenge.  It was meant to keep me taking pictures of our family, since I stopped for a bit this past fall when I was so focused on snapping pictures for other people.  And at times I have given myself a skill or trick to work on.  Some days I just work on an editing skill.  Some days it is just a moment I want to remember.  
  And for the most part I have followed through with it.  I have fallen behind on sharing.  And some days I took more than one that I wanted to include.  BUT, I have three months of pictures.  I am realizing at the end of the year I can put these in a book and BAM!  All done!  And each month I can order a set and update the frames around the house...well, let's be honest, I haven't done that yet.  But, I will!  
Here is a glimpse at 2014 and life and my photography journey for us so far. 


Barb said...

love it, love all your photos...

Raina and Andy said...

love this song too. photo slide show is amazing. love the potty chair with the books one. love the one of henry holding the big pizza box. so many other good ones too. those just stood out to me. good job capturing life. if you watch that slide show you see how good things are-and all those things you feel like you aren't doing enough of-never shines through....becuase you're the perfect mom for those kiddos! RR


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