Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I may be winning this week.  
Made dinner Monday and Tuesday!  Like used recipes!  
Went to bed by 9...which I know is irritating to Ed but...
I have made it to the gym twice so far!  And only fell during class once today! (Jessie, you missed it, the instructor did not!)
Charley may have passed his multiplication time test yesterday!  WHOO HOO!
Syd starts ballet today and I think I have her convinced to wear clothes over her leotard until we get to class.  And she will be prancing in "Aunt" Emma's ballet shoes...a tad big but we will tighten those suckers up and give them a shot.  So special.  
Henry has his second ski lesson and daddy is expected to be there cheering him on.  
My mom arrives tomorrow and her room is ready. 
Laundry has been staying on track...meaning it isn't mounded above the back of the couch. 
Syd and I hit story time at the library yesterday and returned books on time.  
My phone has been replaced and my shoulders are WAY less stressed.  I can live without the fear of not getting calls when my boys are on the ski hills, at school, or I am carpooling other mama's kiddos.  

How are you winning this week?  

Stay tuned, hopefully, some adorable 3 year old dance pictures coming your way! 


Raina and Andy said...

So far I don't feel like i'm winning too much today. maybe scrubbing the floor around the toilet followed by WINNING the board you've been stuck on for 2 months. whopee!!! :) RR

jessica said...

Enjoyed readying this post and glad you had a winning week! Go Sarah Go!

Next week I will be at class to catch you!


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