Tuesday, February 25, 2014

fine line

I would LOVE to go back to worrying about how much sleep he was getting, what veggies he was eating, and all the teeny tiny milestones.  The worry I have now is worry that gets me no where.  So much of his day is outside of my control.  A good thing, yes.  But scary.  And I know I have raised a really good boy.   But when I raise a "typical" boy, meaning not as talkative and  when he shares and I want to react with a lecture, warning, flip out, call to the teacher, or any overreaction...but, also know that if I do, I risk him logging one more reason NOT to talk to me...well, it just is a fine line of feeling completely out of control and out of control.  Ugh.


There is also the moment when you take your two boys for haircuts...and the first one goes and you can tell that you won't be returning to this gal...and you still have your second child to still have his hair cut...what the heck do you do?  So hard to leave and say forget it.  But yet...well, it will grow back, right?  

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