Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dancing her way out of the nest...

Yesterday, Sydney started her first ballet class.  When we were driving the boys to school she kept repeating, "Mama will be in hallway and come get me after."  Funny how little ones know how to self talk themselves into a new experience, just like us adults when we are nervous, little ones just do it out mama's heart breaks a little.  

I was so curious how she would do.  Would she separate?  Would she participate?  Would she listen and follow directions?  In our area there are a TON of great dance studios that offer wonderful dance programs and I have friends who go to all of them.  I have been interviewing them all to find the right fit.  And then we came across this quick little session at the Y.  We haven't done things at the Y...and this seemed like a perfect way to try with out committing to a big studio year long program with fancy recital.  So for the next few weeks, our girl here will go to dance class.

And this mama will stand out side the door, the only mom who had a camera, and watch.  Because it was at the Y, I think many of the moms go workout while their little darlings are at class.  But me, the whole thing is adorable.  And I couldn't imagine not peeking in there!  

Dance is something different for us.  They force you right away to step out of the room so that the kiddos concentrate on the teacher.  So parents aren't really allowed in the rooms at any of the studios. Occasionally, they let you in...otherwise, it is an independent time for them.  Unlike soccer where we stand on the sidelines or swimming where we are sitting on the deck or waving view.  I just can't think of too many things at this age where you separate.  

And it is a big step for any mama who hasn't done this yet.  Miss Syd did great.  The teacher put out these circles on the floor and before it was time for me to go Miss Syd had ventured out to pick a purple one to sit on.  All of a sudden she wasn't at my side and I waved and stepped out.  

She checked in. But she was busy.  She listened.  And followed directions.  She smiled.  She bounced and danced.  She froze when the music stopped.  She concentrated.  And she looked to be talking to the whole group at times. HAHAHA!

She loved it.  And so did I.  She is so very different from her brothers.  It is so fun to watch and experience her personality as she conquers life in all these little girl ways. 

And the shoes she wore come from my cousin Emma who is an amazing artist in so many ways.  One of the things she loves is ballet and this Christmas she gave Syd two pairs of her first ballet shoes.  They are a tad big but we tightened them up and are using them.  So special!  

Love you Miss Sydney!

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